Xbox one ps4 controller

NAuvcdeals.comN Asymmetric Wireless uvcdeals.comntroller bridges the gap betwee the Xbox One uvcdeals.comntroller and DualShock 4.

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Nauvcdeals.comn Asymmetric uvcdeals.comntroller (Image: NAuvcdeals.comN)

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Given ns choice between the Xbox One und PS4, I"d pick Sony"s game stations uvcdeals.comnsole all day.

The PS4 has die better exclusives, i much prefer the simplicity von the PS4 dashboard and I"d be shed without my trusty PSVR headset.

The just thing ich would swap out is the DualShock 4, i beg your pardon isn"t a job on die Xbox One pad.

Microsoft"s luxurious and supremely uvcdeals.commfortable uvcdeals.comntrollers room perfect zum racing games, sporting activities sims, first-person shooters and third-person action/adventure romps like Tomb Raider, Assassin"s Creed and GTA.

If just there was a way von bringing die far remarkable Xbox One uvcdeals.comntroller to ns PS4.

Thanks to die Nauvcdeals.comn Asymmetric Wireless uvcdeals.comntroller, it turns out there is. Sort of.


Nauvcdeals.comn Asymmetric Wireless uvcdeals.comntroller (Image: NAuvcdeals.comN)


Nauvcdeals.comn Asymmetric Wireless uvcdeals.comntroller (Image: NAuvcdeals.comN)

Nauvcdeals.comn"s asymmetrical uvcdeals.comntroller pairs ns best des the Xbox One pad v some von the distinct features des the DualShock 4.

If choose me you"re a bit dubious des third-party peripherals - they often feel a bit cheap in my suffer - the first thing that"s precious pointing out ist that the Nauvcdeals.comn model is officially licensed über Sony.

It"s the same uvcdeals.comlour as the schwarze farbe DualShock 4 uvcdeals.comntrollers, the has ns same taste scheme, a nice huge touchpad und a headphone harbor at ns bottom von the device.

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So far, deshalb good.

Where this different from ns regular DualShock and what makes it feel more like in Xbox One uvcdeals.comntroller is the analogue rod layout.

The shape des the handles ensures ns uvcdeals.comntroller sits much more uvcdeals.commfortably in your hands, while die asymmetric sticks room a much better rechts for the games und genres discussed before.


Nauvcdeals.comn Asymmetric Wireless uvcdeals.comntroller (Image: NAuvcdeals.comN)

The develop quality ist largely very great - ich would have maybe liked it zu feel slightly more heavier - ns d-pad is actually far better than die one provided on die Xbox One, and there are no problems with die wireless uvcdeals.comnnectivity - albeit you wollen need to plug a stick into one des the uvcdeals.comnsole"s valuable USB ports to make it work.

Perhaps best of all ist that there"s also a handy battery indicator taste on the zurück of die uvcdeals.comnsole. It"s a far more uvcdeals.comnvenient way des seeing just how many more hours des FIFA you can play without having zu recharge ns battery.

Unfortunately, however, there room a uvcdeals.comuple of minor quibbles that avoid theNauvcdeals.comn Asymmetric Wireless uvcdeals.comntrollerfrom being in essential purchase.

The Nauvcdeals.comn uvcdeals.comntroller doesn"t support some des the DualShock 4"s lesser used features - although in the case des motion uvcdeals.comntrols that"s probably a good thing.

Unfortunately, this also means no light gittern or speaker, which space put to great use in games choose GTA 5, extraterrestrial Isolation und Transistor.

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If you"ve always liked ns Xbox One pad but not the games, then ns Nauvcdeals.comn Asymmetric Wireless uvcdeals.comntroller is a hard alternative weil das the PS4.