Witcher 3 release xbox one

The Witcher 3 PS5 und Xbox Series ns upgrade will arrive an the "second für hilfe of 2021"


A "next-gen" version des The Witcher 3 zum PS5 und Xbox series X möchte release in the second half of 2021, developer CD projekt Red has actually confirmed.

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In a roadmap update on Twitter, the developer revealed the AR adventure ns Witcher Monster Slayer und The Witcher 3 "next-gen update" möchte both arrive bei 2021, while die team deshalb plans to further develop card video game Gwent this year.

In a follow-up tweet, CD projekt Red command PR direktor Radek Grabowski declared that "the next-generation update for The Witcher 3: brutal Hunt zu sein coming in the second geholfen of 2021".

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Better than ever

We already knew that CD projekt Red was working on an upgraded version von The Witcher 3 zum PS5, Xbox series X/S und PC, with die developer revealing the news bei September 2020.

CD projekt Red promises that die "next-gen" version des the game will offer a "range des visual and technical improvements" that möchte include "ray tracing and faster loading times".

While this next-gen version will be obtainable as a standalone purchase on PC, Xbox series X/S und PS5, anyone that owns ns Witcher 3: wild Hunt top top PS4 or Xbox One wollen get the upgraded version as a cost-free upgrade. CD projekt Red has deshalb clarified that the free upgrade möchte be so available kommen sie owners of the initial base game des The Witcher 3, not only kommen sie those who"ve bought ns previous "GOTY" editions through all die DLC add-ons pack in.

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In addition, CD projekt Red has actually shared die company"s vision zum a an ext unified, flexible team that kann work on two AAA gamings at die same time.

With die Witcher 3 next-gen upgrade scheduled weil das the second hilfreich of 2021, we now know we kann sein expect the upgraded version von the game zu release sometime bolzen July und December.


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