The fenstern desktop gadgets (widgets) sometimes dubbed Windows Sidebar was introduced an Windows Vista. Later, in Windows 7, fenstern Sidebar was renamed fenster Desktop Gadgets, und the sidebar itself is not included in Windows 7.

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Gadgets to be officially discontinued the initial release of windows 8 und were traction from Microsoft’s website at that time. Although gotten rid of from fenstern 8 and 10, the Desktop Gadgets can be added rückseitig to the fenstern 8 und 10 using ns unofficial GadgetsRevived.

If you schutz upgraded from fenster 7 und still want to use desktop gadgets, you’ll be happy to understand that desktop computer gadgets kann sein be installed an Windows 10 with die help von this tutorial

Download GadgetsRevived click (here). A zip file, möchte be downloaded. Extract the zip file and run die installer file. If you see a smart Screen Notification, choose Run Anyway.


Click Yes if sie get a UAC notification.


Select your wanted language and click OK.

Follow ns setup wizard und click Install und wait zum the installer zu finish installing. After ~ the installation has finished, it wollen automatically show a small kasten with a couple von Desktop devices you kann choose from. It will so show a small taste named as “get an ext gadgets online” i m sorry you tun können click on zu view or install much more gadgets.

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Double click on any of the widget kommen sie add that to ns sidebar on your Desktop. Float your computer mouse over to die gadget to view that or eliminate it über clicking the klein x.


Once you’ve close up door the initial desktop devices pane, you tun können get zurück to it über right-clicking almost everywhere on your Desktop und choosing ns Gadgets option.


You can so hide gadgets über right-clicking on your Desktop -> View -> Show desktop computer Gadgets (uncheck it)


Microsoft has discontinued fenster Sidebar (Gadgets) and you need zu be careful while downloading devices from third-party websites. Hundreds von gadgets wollen be available for download yet we recommend downloading tools only from reliable sources.

von Kevin ArrowsApril 4, 2021
1 minute read

Kevin ArrowsNetwork technician (LAN/WAN) |
Kevin zu sein a dynamic and self-motivated information technology professional, through a thorough knowledge von all facets pertaining zu network framework design, implementation and administration. Premium record von delivering simultaneously large-scale aufgabe critical tasks on time und under budget.

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Add desktop computer Gadgets and Widgets to fenster 10

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