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Wieviel Schritte Sollte Man Am Tag Laufen

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Du schaust: Wieviel schritte sollte man am tag laufen

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Setting the gittern Too High punkt 10,000 actions Daily?

ConscienHealth, 13 Sep 2021

We’ve recognized all follow me that 10,000 steps von day ist a goal weil das physical activity that came zu us out des thin air. Civilization latched…

Семь тысяч шагов в день связали с уменьшением риска смерти от всех причин

N+1: научные статьи, новости, открытия, 03 Sep 2021

Медики проанализировали данные 2110 человек

Do us Really Need zu Take 10,000 measures a Day for Our Health?

Well - neu York Times, 06 Jul 2021

The advice that we take 10,000 procedures a day is more a marketing accident than based on science. Taking much fewer might have…

Do freundin really require 10,000 actions every day?

health enews, 10 Jun 2021

Do sie really require 10,000 procedures every day?You’ve probably heard die suggestion many zeit that freundin should take 10,000 procedures per…

Even Random, thin Bursts des Walking room Linked zu Living Longer, scientists Find

Science Alert, 25 might 2021

Does it matter where your täglich steps come from?

Do we really need zu walk 10,000 measures a day?

Age of engagement | large Think, 08 Feb 2021

When it comes to being fit and healthy, we're frequently reminded kommen sie aim zu walk 10,000 steps über day. This kann sein be a frustrating…

Do we really need zu walk 10,000 actions a day?

Forum:Blog, 08 Feb 2021

Research from harvard Medical School says than walking in average des 4,400 measures a day zu sein enough kommen sie significantly reduced the…

Why Walking could Be One des the ideal Exercises zum Health

Gene Expression, 23 Jul 2020

Science says: don’t worry so much around getting 10,000 measures a day. But freundin might want zu walk faster zu reduce an illness risk…

Harvard Researcher out “10,000 Steps” Goal as a Farce

Real clear Life, 18 Apr 2020

The spring 2020 issue of Popular Science contains a first-person account native I-Min Lee, bei epidemiologist at die Harvard…

Is 10,000 steps a Day yes, really Necessary weil das the Longevity Benefit?

Diabetic Mediterranean Diet, 30 Oct 2019

It depends. Amongst older frau , as few as roughly 4400 steps/d was significantly related to lower…

Wieviele schritte soll man gehen, zum das sterblichkeitsrisiko sinkt? Weniger wie die mehrere propagierten 10.000/Tag genügen dafür.

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DGE Blog, 12 Aug 2019

Bochum, 12. August 2019: im JAMA Internal medizin wurde in 29. Mai 2019 einer Kohortenstudie bei älteren frauen publiziert, die…

¿Cuántos pasos necesitas hacer por día para mejorar tu salud?

El Diario NYEl Diario NY, 20 Jul 2019

Si 10,000 pasos al día suenan como una meta demasiado ambiciosa, anímate: de acuerdo con un nuevo estudio publicado en la…

Do you really require 10,000 measures every day?

health enews, 18 Jul 2019

Do sie really need 10,000 steps every day?You’ve more than likely heard the suggestion many zeit that sie should take it 10,000 actions per…

10,000 actions a job — or fewer?

Harvard health and wellness Blog, 11 Jul 2019

10,000 procedures a job has become the gelb standard weil das many people. The number has actually sold countless step-counting devices and inspired…

Hjärnfysikbloggen - Myten om 10 000 steg

Hjärnfysik - en blogg om hjärnan och löpning, 17 Jun 2019

Det finns många regler, måsten och sanningar. Det sägs att du ska träna ich 10 000 timmar för att bli expert, att du tappar…

How many steps zum better health?

NIH study Matters, 11 Jun 2019

Researchers discovered that older frau who took an ext steps von day had a lower risk of dying till 7,500 procedures a day, beyond which…

ns American Board of Family medizin takes a step towards interoperable encounters des the professional kind by becoming the…

Even One Extra go a Day might Make a large Difference

Well - new York Times, 05 Jun 2019

For larger women, wade as couple of as 4,500 measures a day diminished mortality compared with those that took just 2,700 steps a day.

Mortality: Number des Steps Matter, Up zu a Point

Medical research study News und Interviews: MedicalResearch.com, 02 Jun 2019

Taking as few as 4,400 steps von day was significantly associated with lower risk des death compared to taking 2,700 actions per…

The Elusive Magic von 10,000 Steps per Day

ConscienHealth, 31 might 2019

We wait weil das it every day. The magic augenblicke when our fitness band goes nuts with great vibrations kommen sie tell us that we’ve crossed…

Do you Really need 10,000 Steps von Day?

Health | 89.3 KPCC, 29 may 2019

New research zeigen that täglich light walking is important zum maintaining health and wellness as freundin age. But if you can't struggle 10,000 steps…

Daily strides might mean longer life zum older women

Physician"s Weekly, 29 may 2019

By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) – Older frau who get in enough actions each day kommen sie walk the equivalent of about two miles …