Wann wurde manuel neuer geboren

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Manuel Neuer, in full Manuel peter Neuer, (born in march 27, 1986, Gelsenkirchen, Germany), German soccer (soccer) player who, as one von the game’s top goalkeepers, assisted Germany win ns 2014 world Cup; weil das his performance, he obtained the golden Glove compensation as ns tournament’s ideal goalkeeper.

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Neuer began playing soccer before he was five year old. He originally wanted to play outfield in matches. His idol, however, was the local FC Schalke 04 goalkeeper jens Lehmann, whom nachrichten followed into the club’s second mannschaft when the made his debut bei the Regionalliga norden during die 2003–04 season. über the 2006–07 season, nachrichten was ending up being a first-team regular bei the Bundesliga. He aided Schalke success two domestic cup trophies (2005 and 2011) und took international honours weil das his nation at ns under-18 (2004) and under-21 levels. Punkt 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 metres) tall, neuer was in imposing figure an the goal. Though he was primarily a shoot stopper, he was so known weil das his prompt reflexes und recovery. Bei addition, his command of the whole penalty area und ability zu accurately absent or throw the ball to a teammate, regularly initiating attack attacks, made him a standout goalkeeper. Bei 2008 he was nominated weil das the gewerkschaftern of europe Football Associations (UEFA) club Goalkeeper des the Year honours. Die following year he helped Germany capture ns UEFA Under-21 championship, beating england 4–0 bei the final.

In June 2011 FC bayerisch Munich signed Neuer. Initially, many bayerisch fans were unhappy because of the team’s extreme rivalry through Schalke, but nachrichten won them over, notably über completing an ext than 1,000 scoreless minutes to break ns shutout record set by former bayerisch star oliver Kahn. During the Champions league 2011–12 competition, Neuer’s call grew wie man he conserved penalties from echt Madrid stars Cristiano Ronaldo und Kaká, and in the final against Chelsea, he also scored a goal bei another shoot-out, though bayerisch lost the match. A year later, in in all-German Champions league final at London’s Wembley Stadium, bayern edged out Borussia dortmund 2–1. Bei 2012–13, 2013–14, and 2015–16, Neuer’s strong play helped bayern dominate in Germany, through Bundesliga und DFB Pokal League and Cup doubles in each season. In addition, bayerisch won league titles bei 2014–15 and 2016–17, giving die club in unprecedented five consecutive Bundesliga championships.

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Neuer began competing with die German national team ~ above June 2, 2009, an a enhance against ns United Arab Emirates. Ns following year, he appeared bei his zuerst World Cup, with Germany finishing an third place. At ns 2014 welt Cup, nachrichten amassed a conserve rate des 86.2 percent and allowed only 4 goals an seven matches. In the final, Germany defeated Argentina 1–0. Die fact that Argentina did notfall manage one shoot on target bore testimony zu Neuer’s ability to anticipate opponents’ moves and reduce their opportunities kommen sie score.