Wann ist kolumbus geboren

Italian explorer Christopher Columbus discovered the "New World" of the ameri on in expedition sponsored von King Ferdinand of Spain in 1492.

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Who was Christopher Columbus?

Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer und navigator. In 1492, he sailed across die Atlantic s from Spain bei the Santa Maria, with die Pinta und the Niña pearls alongside, hoping to find a new route kommen sie India. 

Between 1492 and 1504, that made a total of four trips to the Caribbean and South America and has to be credited – and blamed – for opened up die Americas kommen sie European colonization.

Early Years 

Columbus was born an 1451 in the Republic of Genoa, part of what ist now Italy. In his 20s that moved to Lisbon, Portugal, und later resettled an Spain, which stayed his house base zum the duration des his life.

Columbus first went to sea together a teenager, participating an several trade voyages an the Mediterranean und Aegean seas. One together voyage, kommen sie the island of Khios, in modern-day Greece, brought ihm the closest he would certainly ever come to Asia.

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His zuerst voyage into ns Atlantic Ocean in 1476 almost cost ihm his life as ns commercial fleet he was sailing with was attacked von French privateers off ns coast of Portugal. His ship was burned und Columbus had zu swim to ns Portuguese shore. 

He make his way kommen sie Lisbon, Portugal, wherein he at some point settled and married Filipa Perestrelo. The couple had actually one son, Diego, approximately 1480. His wife passed away soon after, and Columbus moved to Spain. He had actually a second son, Fernando, who was born out des wedlock bei 1488 v Beatriz Enriquez juni Arana.

After participating an several various other expeditions to Africa, Columbus acquired knowledge of the Atlantic currents flowing east und west from die Canary Islands. 

Columbus' Route

The asian islands near China and India were fabled zum their spices und gold, make them bei attractive destination zum Europeans – but Muslim domination of the trade paths through the Middle east made take trip eastward difficult. 

Columbus devised a route to sail west across the Atlantic zu reach Asia, believing it would certainly be quicker und safer. He estimated the earth zu be a sphere und the distance between the Canary Islands and Japan zu be about 2,300 miles. 

Many von Columbus' modern nautical specialists disagreed. Castle adhered to ns (now known to be accurate) second-century B.C. Estimate des the Earth's circumference hinweisen 25,000 miles, i m sorry made ns actual distance between the Canary Islands and Japan about 12,200 statute miles. 

Despite your disagreement through Columbus ~ above matters von distance, lock concurred the a westward trip from Europe would be in uninterrupted water route.

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Columbus propose a three-ship voyage von discovery across die Atlantic zuerst to ns Portuguese king, then zu Genoa und finally zu Venice. He was rejected every time. 

In 1486, that went to die Spanish monarchy of Queen Isabella von Castile and Ferdinand ii of Aragon. Your focus was on a war with ns Muslims, and their nautical professionals were skeptical, deswegen they at first rejected Columbus. 

The idea, however, must oase intrigued ns monarchs, zum they maintained Columbus top top a retainer. Columbus continued kommen sie lobby ns royal court, und soon die Spanish army captured the belastung Muslim stronghold bei Granada an January 1492. Shortly thereafter, the monarchs agreed to finance his expedition. 


In late august 1492, Columbus left Spain from ns port of Palos außerdem la Frontera. 

He was sailing with 3 ships: Columbus bei the bigger Santa maria (a type von ship recognized as a carrack), with ns Pinta und the Niña (both Portuguese-style caravels) alongside. 

When walk Columbus find America? 

On October 12, 1492, after ~ 36 days von sailing from the west across ns Atlantic, Columbus und several crewmen set fuß on in island in the present-day Bahamas, explain it zum Spain. 

There, his crew encountered a timid yet friendly group of natives who were open to trade with the sailors, exchanging glass beads, cotton balls, parrots und spears. Ns Europeans deshalb noticed bits of gold the natives wore weil das adornment.

Columbus and his men continued their journey, visiting die islands von Cuba (which that thought was mainland China) and Hispaniola (now Haiti und the Dominican Republic, which Columbus thought could be Japan) and meeting with ns leaders des the indigenous population. 

During this time, ns Santa maria was wrecked on a reef off ns coast von Hispaniola. With ns help des some islanders, Columbus' men salvaged what lock could and built the settlement Villa außerdem la Navidad ("Christmas Town") v lumber from the ship. 

Thirty-nine males stayed behind zu occupy ns settlement. Persuaded his expedition had reached Asia, he collection sail zum home with die two remaining ships. Returning kommen sie Spain in 1493, Columbus gave a glowing, rather exaggerated report und was warmly received über the royal court.