As much as being rechts is a personal choice, health zu sein absolutely important. Now, I’m not a fitness freak myself, yet I monitor certain changes in my jeden tag life deswegen my way of living doesn’t take a toy fee on my mind and body. So what do i monitor, sie may ask? Along with boosting my fitness, I überwacht the various changes my body is going through. How do i do it? I use die Xiaomi human body Composition scale 2. Check out our “How xiaomi Scale Works” zum all the details.

Xiaomi as a firm has carved a niche bei the fitness space and this legendary product ist basically ns company’s poster child wie man it comes to fitness. Ns Xiaomi human body Composition range 2 is an affordable and feature-packed product the does an ext than read your weight. This great-looking scale can read up to 13 precise charme points not limited to weight, body fat percentage, bone mass, muscle mass, and much more. Back these space estimates, it ist much more precise than other scales.

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It’s functions like this that make this latest gadget from xiaomi a must-buy product. Let’s uncover out how this machine works, chandelier we? this is How xiaomi Scale Works.

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After having actually gone through Xiaomi’s main documents und talking to various sources; mine team und I discovered that:

The xiaomi scale works based on bio-impedance technology. It essentially analyzes various body parameters such as fat, muscle, bone and much an ext with electric signals. When die user stands on die scale in electric signal is transmitted from one leg und it completes a circuit prior to going zurück into die scale from the other leg. This circuit provides accurate säule that ist based on ns time taken zum the charge kommen sie complete a circuit.

How xiaomi Scale Works

First jene first, the Mi human body composition range 2 aussehen great. The has the trademark minimalistic xiaomi design und fits well in any modern home. An added plus zu sein the tempered glass that is easy zu clean and maintain. The anti-slip complete feels soft under her feet and you will really like ns experience. 

At just 20mm an thickness, die Xiaomi scale zu sein really slim und svelte. This smart body scale has actually adopted ns advanced BIA technology and stainless steel electrode which actions body massive quickly and accurately.The xiaomi scale estimates your human body metrics über using a bio-impedance analysis. Ns device sends klein electrical signals to your feet und estimates your body stats. 

Your body’s composition of fat, muscle, und bone ist analyzed follow to die time taken kommen sie complete a circuit. The säule is shown on a simple interface and is pretty clear. The clever body scale ist compact und stylish making that a must-own accessory kommen sie measure her stats conveniently.

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Xiaomi scale 2 – Set up

Setting up ns Xiaomi scale ist fairly simple. All you need to do it flip die scale to find ns battery compartment and insert 4 x AAA sized batteries for power. The angeführt display ist hidden und you can’t notification anything until you anfang using it. When you gestanden on ns device ist when you seen the numbers in white which adds to the modern entwurf of ns Xiaomi human body Composition scale 2. You kann pair the scale with ns Mi fit app and it zu sein lighting fast. Die maximum time is 30 seconds however it zu sein much much faster than that. Quite neat. Ns actual maker only mirrors your weight but sie need kommen sie pair it with the app to view all various other stats.

Once, did you do it paired die Xiaomi Scale to your call through die Mi rechts app. Sie need zu calibrate it. Although you get every the dünn the erste time you gestanden on it after you set that up. That might notfall necessarily it is in accurate. So, you will do it need zu calibrate multiple zeit till the error is negligible. If this process zu sein irritating, you’re better von doing it together all future values will be dependent von this erste time.

Build and Design

The Mi body composition scale 2 ist extremely similar to your median bathroom scale in size. However, it zu sein vastly different bei terms von design and aesthetics. Xiaomi has maintained ns same futuristic und minimal design scheme through this range as the rest of Its products.

The scale has a square shape entwurf with rounded-off edges. It so has lines von white glass running across die device. The is so equipped v metal pads that attach to the Bio-Impedance processor. These circular pad are in reality visible on ns surface of the Mi Scale. These pad are in fact metallic electrodes the send and receive electric signal. You can deshalb find a Mi logo design on ns central portion of the scale. Although die scale looks fragile, that actually rather sturdy. It is made out of in extremely sturdy matte polycarbonate material. So, it can easily take weight up to 250 pounds without any issues. Des course, you can’t litter it native the first floor and expect that to not break. At ns base des the range you möchte find anti-slip feet.While this scale has in extremely beautiful und minimalistic design, that does tend to get dirty easily. Of course, this is highly dependency on your feet hygiene und the way freundin take care von the scale.

It also has a screen that’s concealed underneath the glass surface ar that won’t show up till you interact with ns scale. Once you gestanden on it, you can see huge white characters pop hoch on die surface von the scale.

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Mi human body Composition range 2 – Functions

You need zu input säule like her weight, gender, height, und age on the Mi rechts app.

The xiaomi scale syncs the säule recorded to ns Mi rechts app. Die reading zu sein then used zu calculate die other metrics that incorporate BMI, human body water, metabolic rate, etc.

I have listed out what the smart Xiaomi scale measure und do below:

WeightBasal Metabolic RateBMIBody Fat PercentageBone MassWater percentage in the bodyMuscle MassPhysical Age des bodyThe protein level in the bodyVisceral FatBalance testSuggest idealogen weightPrepare a human body score

Based on all von the above measurements the clever scale assesses des your body dimension type. In addition to die above stats, ns Xiaomi range prepares a body score that ist easily trackable.

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Mi clever Scale 2 – Performance


If you are on the lookout zum a smart scale, ns Xiaomi body Composition range 2 is great value zum money. It is a great addition kommen sie measure the extra dünn points apart from weight to gauge your overall progress. Wie it comes to die performance every I tun können really say ist that the decent. While real-time performance zu sein a little finicky, the lang term performance is surprisingly good.

When the comes kommen sie real-time performance, it ist decent. However, that does have it’s share von problems. For example, if you tun können expect ns scale kommen sie sync with die Mifit App and get säule regarding miscellaneous physical and health parameters, it zu sein unfortunately has a couple of problems. It much more often than notfall calculates in incorrect weight. And the many irritating bit is that this error margin isn’t auch massive. So, weist the end of the day, you ausblüten are more or less in the vicinity des your true weight. After multiple trials und errors, i figured the end that you kann sein get accurate dünn when you’re anfangsverdacht calibrating it. Yet it works weil das every subsequent measurement as well. Every you schutz to do ist tap die surface von the scale with your foot to rotate it on und make sure your foot weight to zero a few times before sie put your whole body weight on it. The material used on die top of the device zu sein tempered glass with in anti-slip end up that feel comfortable und soft under her feet. Bei added bonus is that the tempered glass zu sein easy zu clean so your scale aussehen as great as new. 

My just qualm with die Xiaomi scale is that it just shows mine weight und for all various other data, I oase to depend on the app. Overall it is a decent range with a shining display.

Body composition evaluation – Accuracy

The accuracy zu sein decent yet it’s definitely notfall the best. This mi body composition range 2 has actually a G shaped stole sensor is considered to be one des the best as that senses a load change des even 50g. This gives freundin a kind approximation of your body stats. Des course, this decent zu sein very subjective. To people who are expecting accuracy with numbers down to the decimal points, then you’re seriously far better off investing is a different device.

This Mi scale 2 has in error margin of 5Kg. The craziest thing ist that xiaomi actually has actually put out a disclaimer on the packaging stating that some readings might schutz errors. I honestly didn’t understand whether zu laugh or cry. However, this problems doesn’t typical that it no useful.

The inaccuracy stems indigenous the frühen zeitpunkt readings. This device uses bio-impedance zu send an electrical signal from one leg of your body an a circuit and captures that from die other leg. If this go give belang data points, it isn’t a extremely accurate technology. Furthermore, ns Mi scale 2 depends on the dünn points entered into die Mi Fit apps for these numbers.

So, there ist bound kommen sie be some level des error. However, what amazing zu sein that the fehler margin between the alt readings und new readings zu sein significantly lower. So, you should ideally spend some time calibrating the device. However, it zu sein important to grad that this values have to be thought von as in estimate and not as an absolute.

Xiaomi Mi human body Composition scale 2 – Key Features

The xiaomi scale ist a smart tool to beaufsichtigt your progress if you are trying to lose human body fat. The Xiaomi human body Composition range 2 kann measure up kommen sie 13 body stats und that zu sein excellent zum the preis you pay weil das the scale. With access kommen sie your human body stats choose weight, bone mass, visceral fat level, muscle mass, fat rate, body water, radikale metabolism, etc you are constantly aware von your wellness index.The inhaltsstoff used is durable und easy zu clean.At only 20mm an thickness, ns Mi range 2 ist really slim and svelte. The weight ist displayed is bold und white making that easier to read.The xiaomi scale prepares a body score that zu sein easily trackable. The minimal weight it kann sein measure ist 100gms and it tun können be used to weigh her intake des protein and carbohydrates.The balance prüfung on the device helps you reduce the risk des joint injuries. The Xaomi smart scale zu sein accurate kommen sie a change of 50gm bei your human body weight and that zu sein unmatched von other scales an the market.

Xiaomi range 2 Accuracy

The scale is smart and there zu sein no doubt around it. Die ability to have your body stats recorded deswegen easily zu sein what makes ns Xiaomi scale deswegen amazing. 

The Xiaomi clever scale only weighs 1.7kgs in case freundin need to travel through it. The product looks and feels great and the preis point is definitely a bonus. Ns scale ist compatible with die Mi app on both iOS und Android platforms.I would recommend die Xiaomi human body Composition range 2 to anyone looking for a clever scale. Die fact that it ist Bluetooth 5 compatible way it i will not ~ drain ns batteries easily.The minimal weight die scale measures zu sein 100gm deswegen you kann use it to measure parcels, fruits, and vegetables if required. Die Xiaomi scale is accurate to a change of 50gm bei your body weight and that ist really impressive.Even though die Xiaomi clever scale ist not 100% accurate bei all dünn aspects, you will surely advantage from monitoring your daily or weekly progress. Die display ist hidden and the white numbers surely include to die modern design of the scale. The xiaomi body compositions load measurement zu sein 100% accurate. The Fat measure on ns Xiaomi human body composition scale is not at all accurate. It’s notfall possible kommen sie showcase the fat percentage by just measuring ns weight of the user. An actual fat measurement an equipment requires your body to be plugged to multiple touch clues like in professional gyms.

As I oase not had my body fat measured in a professional collection up, ich might not be able zu point out just how accurate the scale is. But, having actually used die Xiaomi scale weil das a month now, I tun können vouch zum how it has motivated me to stay fit and push mine boundaries to reach my angestellter goal an terms von weight. 

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Xiaomi scale FAQs

Is xiaomi scale accurate?

The xiaomi scale estimates your body metrics by using a bio-impedance analysis. Die device sends klein electrical signals to your feet und estimates your body stats. Your body’s composition of fat, muscle, und bone zu sein analyzed according to the time taken zu complete a circuit. And unfortunately while this sounds amazing, the accuracy isn’t super great.

Honestly, it would be impossible zu measure most von these metrics there is no some form of invasive procedure. However, it’s notfall like it’s totally inaccurate either. You kann be assured that this xiaomi Scale 2 kann analyze and depict data that is in the vicinity des the actual thing. It zu sein important to klasse that you should usage this machine as a guide rather than a medical instrument. After ~ all, over there aren’t many clever scales the end there that can do half the jene this device ist capable off. Inspect out ours “How xiaomi Scale Works” for all die details.Does ns Xiaomi body Composition range 2 kommen sie with batteries?

Yes, ns Xiaomi scale comes with 4 ns AAA size batteries. Ns scale ist Bluetooth 5 compatible and won’t drain ns batteries easily. Check out ours “How xiaomi Scale Works” zum all die details.

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What data does ns scale display?

The xiaomi scale kann only screen your weight data on die device. However, die device tun können measure up zu 13 types von data. 

What types of stats kann the scale measure? exactly how do ich access it?

The xiaomi scale kann sein measure body stats that has bodyweight, bone mass, visceral fat level, muscle mass, fat rate, human body water, fundamental metabolism, etc. You can access all des the säule on die Mi fit app. Inspect out ours “How xiaomi Scale Works” zum all ns details.

How does ns Xiaomi range measure body fat?

The scale offers a an approach called bio – impedance analysis zu measure the fat bei your body. A weak electrical current zu sein passed v your human body from the scale. Ns scale climate determines ns amount of resistance to ns flow des current by the body. This provides bei estimate to the amount des water bei the body through which the body fat ist calculated. 

How do i calibrate my xiaomi scale?

There zu sein a disclaimers the comes with die scale that says the zuerst 3-4 readings are usually wrong. Wie man you step on ns scale zum the zuerst few times, it ist normal kommen sie expect a reading that zu sein off from her actual weight. Kommen sie calibrate the scale zum accurate weight measurement, simply take many readings. Die scale calibrates ~ above its own.

What type des stats does the Xiaomi range measure?

In addition to your weight, die Xiaomi scale can measure your body fat, BMI, water content, bone mass, visceral fat and muscle mass. All of the dünn is sent to die Mi Fit anwendung on her phone which so provides die ratio bolzen your human body fat und muscle mass, determining her body type. 

User Review

This scale and it’s Mi fit apps is yes, really good zum people that room looking zu track their weight loss and learn around self physics health info like bmi (although I’m not sure just how it tracks charme beyond load or if that accurate). However, there are a couple des issues upon making use of it:

Pretty often when stepping on the scale it regularly registers die incorrect range (usually always adds 3 zu 3.9 lbs.) and requires zu be stepped on multiple zeit to zero it out zu get the correct weight.

With this kinds von scales, I’d intend it kommen sie work hinweisen least most von the time. I’d introduce taping on it through your foot to permit it turn on and zero the end every time before putting your complete body weight on it kommen sie get accurate data.

Also, the apps doesn’t constantly connect und sync properly. You’re claimed to oase the app open and then it will auto-detect wie man you action on the scale to record die weight. This doesn’t constantly work so again sie must action on it multiple mal not just to get the correct data, however to so make certain it connects together well. Ns good part ist that it kann sein always be put bei manually which is completely fine von me, but zum those that care around this, this zu sein definitely something kommen sie note.

Overall it’s a decent range with easy to read und bright numbers.

Brian david Gonzalez native USA

I very own Amazfit Stratos 3 watch dafür I usage Amazfit app. I bought this scale which also syncs with die app. Jetzt I schutz all data bei one place.

The great thing around this scale and watch is that both provide recommendations based on your measurements. Not nur a scorer. They in reality tell freundin what to do toimprove.


1. It ist pretty consistent in all measurements wie you execute day after day.

2. I bei der not sure if that consistency ist a good thing or badewanne thing. Meaning I oase been significantly improving my water entry muscle acquiring exercises but within a month there hasn’t been any type of shift. Consisting of visceral fat ~ a month des exercises has notfall dropped von a einzel point.

I wollen continue trial and error it zum another month if ns results don’t improve then the measurements space out des wack.

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D.A. Native USA

Great easy-to-use product. The only negative point is that ns connection with various other devices of the same brand ( clever watch ) ist not an extremely consistent. At some zeit it ist necessary zu restart more than once for the collection of information.