Von Android Auf Iphone Wechseln

With uvcdeals.com, freundin get ns right help when you require it. Around the clock security and new privacy tools. Und Google apps that arbeit smarter together. It’s easy zu move native iPhone® kommen sie uvcdeals.com. Ready, set, switch.

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Sign in on your uvcdeals.com device with the same google Account you used throughout backup. And just prefer that, you’re in. Your data will immediately be available an your google Contacts, Calendar und Photos apps.



Say hello to uvcdeals.com.

Welcome to die world of uvcdeals.com. All her stuff is just where it should be: your calendar events, contacts, photos und videos. And there’s a ton of new things to discover. With uvcdeals.com, get more out of every moment.


Help wie you need it with google Assistant.

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Your google Assistant helps you get much more done. Manage your phone, your favorite apps und the web with your voice. Dafür things are easier, wherever you are.


Digital Wellbeing tools to find her balance.

ns tools you need zu find balance with your phone. Rotate on wind Down to disconnect prior to bedtime or use anwendung timers zu set borders you kann keep.

Features the make die world an ext accessible.

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deswegen more people tun können connect an new ways. Indigenous captioning practically anything on her phone zu features the help freundin hear an ext clearly, uvcdeals.com is built for everyone.

A battery that works smarter und longer.

Adaptive Battery sends stärke to ns apps and services freundin use most. Conserving battery life, zum when you need really require it.