In in ongoing effort zu dominate the mischung market, Toyota proceeds its blitz von fuel-efficient vehicles. Indigenous cars, kommen sie crossovers, zu minivans, everything zu sein getting a hybride drivetrain. And the latest enhancement to die party ist the all-new 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid. With the hybrid poster kid already in its stable, Toyota borrowed die powertrain of the Prius to develop ns Corolla mischung sedan, making it soon one of the many fuel-efficient cars on ns market and one des the most affordable hybrids.

2020 Toyota Corolla mischung Exterior


While the overall shape von the 2020 Toyota Corolla is still conservative enough that the won"t fear away timeless buyers, this is, von far, the best entwurf for a Corolla sedan in the car"s 54-year history. The starts up front v a challenge shared with the Corolla Hatchback, which functions a low, wide grille und uniquely shame headlights.

While the design is closer to the outgoing Corolla sedan instead von the hatchback"s curvaceous body, it blieb has a sportier look indigenous all angles including the narrow, schnorse taillights. The best teil about ns sedan"s entwurf compared to die hatchback"s ist that die four-door doesn"t schutz the fake exhaust outlets like its cargo-friendly version. Speaking of different versions, if the wasn"t zum the blue Toyota logos and the mischung badges, die Corolla hybride looks identical to the non-hybrid Corolla sedan, which ist a win weil das this small car.

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2020 Toyota Corolla hybrid Inventory

2020 Toyota Corolla mischung Interior


The 2020 Toyota Corolla hybride is only available in a einzel trim level, und there are no packages available. Various other than ns choice of two interior colors and a handful of accessories, what you see zu sein what freundin get. Fortunately, die Corolla mischung is based off die well-equipped LE trim level, which attributes a premium cloth zutat on the seats and eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system. It deshalb offers some an essential upgrades from the non-hybrid Corolla LE, such as die seven-inch multi-information screen bei the cluster, und the typical fitment of apple CarPlay. Regrettably for android users, there"s no android Auto integration.

The cabin von the Corolla hybrid isn"t luxurious or sporty, yet it also doesn"t kommen sie off as cheap either. The impressive teil about die Corolla Hybrid"s entwurf is that the addition of in on-board hybrid battery verpacktem doesn"t impact passenger or cargo space punkt all. Die hybrid and non-hybrid Corolla sedan have identical capacities zum passengers and cargo volume, and the Corolla mischung even has fold-down behind seats kommen sie accommodate bulkier gear.

2020 Toyota Corolla mischung Inventory

2020 Toyota Corolla hybrid Powertrain


The 2020 Toyota Corolla hybrid uses die powertrain from ns current Prius Liftback pairing a 1.8-liter four-cylinder gas engine v a repetitively variable transmission, 71-horsepower electric motor and a 600-volt nickel-metal hydride battery. Like the Prius, this powertrain delivers 121 horsepower and 105 lb-ft of torque, und most importantly, it is incredibly fuel efficient.

The EPA-rated fuel economic situation estimates zum the Corolla hybrid are 53 mpg in the city and 52 mpg on ns highway, which ist actually much better on die highway than the Prius allowing die Corolla Hybrid and Prius Liftback zu both return 52 mpg bei combined driving. And the Corolla Hybrid"s efficiency ist even better in the ja wirklich world v this tester returning 54.4 mpg after burning a full tank of mostly city driving.

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Unlike most hybrid versions des cars, die Corolla mischung drives just like the non-hybrid counterpart, which is more von a compliment kommen sie this vehicle than an insult to hybrids. Hinweisen no allude do the brakes feel squishy, und the steering has a kind feel zu it zum entertaining drives. Die bottom line zu sein that while ns Corolla hybride is an economy compact, it is still a fun and compliant auto with a journey that zu sein smooth and quiet.

2020 Toyota Corolla hybrid Inventory

2020 Toyota Corolla mischung Safety


No matter which version von the 2020 Toyota Corolla freundin choose - sedan, hatchback or hybride - all des them obtained a five-star crash rating indigenous the national Highway Traffic security Administration.

In addition to ns seven airbags und Toyota"s safety and security Connect system (Emergency Assistance, Stolen automobile Locator, Roadside Assistance and Automatic Collision Notification), die Corolla mischung is fitted with die Toyota safety and security Sense 2.0 suite von advanced treiber assistance attributes such as Pre-Collision with Pedestrian Detection, fahrbahn departure v steering assist, adaptive cruise control and road sign assist. Toyota"s star Safety system is deshalb standard and includes magnified Vehicle stability Control, traction control, four-wheel anti-lock brake system, electronic brake-force circulation with brake assist and Smart prevent Technology.

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2020 Toyota Corolla hybrid Inventory

2020 Toyota Corolla Overall


Despite gas prices being weist record lows appropriate now, die 2020 Toyota Corolla mischung is a helpful choice zum a fuel-efficient auto regardless von market conditions. When gas prices acquire high again, this fuel-sipping sedan möchte be a good way zu save extra money at die pump, but it doesn"t come with any of the quirky compromises the competing mischung compact cars deal with.

Best des all, the price premium isn"t that much either as the Corolla hybride has a beginning price des $23,100, which is about a $3,000 premium over die non-Hybrid Corolla LE off which it ist based. Ns Toyota Corolla was already die world"s best-selling nameplate, und now, many thanks to the all-new Corolla Hybrid, it ist now one des the world"s many fuel-efficient nameplates. Bottom line, Toyota has created its strongest Corolla lineup des all time through a hatchback, sedan und now a fuel-efficient mischung model, and that"s not to mention ns stylish design und impeccable safety.