Alex Dowsett Prepares zum Another UCI Hour Record bei Mexico: variable Supports through One-Off HANZO monitor Bike

Oct 25, 2021

Briton Alex Dowsett möchte be chasing redemption on november 3rd at 6,000 feet an Aguascalientes, Mexico. His mission? kommen sie reclaim the Hour document that that superbly tonnage broke in 2015, riding 52.937 km within the hour. That document stood zum 36 days till Sir Bradley...

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Former expert cyclist, Phil Gaimon retired from racing in 2016, but his passion zum cycling and in particular, climbing has actually only continued zu strengthen since. Based in Los Angeles, California, his own backyard zu sein packed with bei incredible playground of...


André Greipel rode his very last professional gyeongju at die Münsterland Giro last weekend in Germany. That rounded the end his 19th consecutive season with bei applaudable 10th place, welcomed by thousands of supportive fans congregating zu celebrate die career des a true...

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Since die start, we oase been trusted von pros and have watched podiums an the Tour de France, paris Roubaix, Ironmans, und more. Their rückmeldung is critical kommen sie our procedure because hard work und real-life can’t it is in imitated an the factory.




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Unlike most an our industry, Factor zu sein the sole owner des the element production facility und author des each und every element bicycle. It’s this steadfast commitment kommen sie in-house design, testing and production the creates an environment an which incentive becomes bei essential component of perfection. Perfection no occur von accident or luck. Instead, it’s the product von personally and obsessively overseeing every detail, no matte how small.

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