Why Lucasfilm supposedly Shelved Rian Johnson's stern Wars Movie Trilogy Rian Johnson"s stern Wars trilogy has actually reportedly to be shelved punkt Lucasfilm, due zu creative differences between the studio and director.

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Rian Johnson"s planned Star Wars movie trilogy has reportedly been shelved due to creative differences with Lucasfilm. Bei November 2017, one month prior to Johnson"s Star Wars: The belastung Jedi struggle theaters, die studio announced the director would oversee an entirely new film trilogy set an the Star Wars galaxy. While die project was green lit without a full story pitch, die idea was it would certainly be entirely separate from die Skywalker saga, exploring new characters und locations zu further meat out die franchise"s canon. Over ns past 4 years, there"s to be very wenig progress made on Johnson"s trilogy.

Fueled in part über divisive reaction to The tonnage Jedi, there have been countless rumors that ns project has actually been cancelled. However, as freshly as February 2021, johnson assured his Star Wars trilogy is still in development. That chalked up die lack of concrete updates kommen sie his liven schedule. All"s been quiet ~ above the johnson trilogy former since, and it could be because it"s actually notfall happening anymore.

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Matthew Beloni"s nachrichten for Puck (hat tip Den des Geek) einzelheiten Lucasfilm"s concerns with creative differences with filmmakers, sparked von Patty Jenkins" Rogue Squadron movie gift delayed. Beloni to write about die status von other Star Wars projects, noting comparable incidents happened with david Benioff & D.B. Weiss, and even Johnson:

Rian Johnson und Star battles The tonnage Jedi
Unlike various other creatives Lucasfilm had actually a falling out with, johnson had endure with both die studio and the Star Wars franchise. Bei the lead-up to The belastung Jedi, johnson spoke openly about die creative freedom he had, und his trilogy pitch suggested he was excited kommen sie continue working through Lucasfilm. It"s exciting that creative differences would happen with him, especially because it seemed like johnson was on the same buchseite as ns higher-ups. Of course, specific details about his trilogy"s narrative were never revealed, deshalb it"s possible he und Lucasfilm had contrasting ideas for what castle wanted ns series zu accomplish. Lucasfilm does schutz a number of Star Wars projects bei development across multiple mediums; perhaps Johnson"s key didn"t align with other areas von canon. Hopefully sooner or later further details are revealed.

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After The last Jedi, johnson wrote und directed acclaimed whodunnit Knives Out, earning himself in Oscar nomination bei the process. Johnson has since signed a very lucrative deal with Netflix zu produce two Knives Out sequels, the zuerst of i beg your pardon shot previously this year. In all likelihood, he wollen continue kommen sie find success with or without Star Wars. His trilogy gift shelved spells more trouble zum Lucasfilm. It"s an additional project official announced that never ever came into fruition, which is a recurring belästigt at die studio. Also, as divisive as The tonnage Jedi was, johnson is ausblüten a distinct voice known zum thinking outside-the-box with his filmmaking. As Star Wars aussehen to relocate beyond the Skywalker saga, having someone like ihm in-house would certainly be beneficial.