I finished MISA – 1st watch (because I’ve immediately re-watched the 2nd & 3rd time) last week và can’t stop thinking about the drama. Such a powerful và beautiful love story – a love of men & women, of mother and son, of brother & sister, and moreover, the love of human beings.

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Snow Flower 눈의 꽃 – 박효신 (MISA OST)

Tell me all about it – Papermoon (not in the OST but in Ep 01 and Ep. 08)


I can’t help but always feel a „One million stars falling from the sky“ feeling while watching MISA. How JiSub and Kimura Takuya mesmerize you with their eyes. How lonely & sometimes evil they are, how tragedy their ends. Và above all, how powerful both dramas evoke your emotion. But “One million stars falling from the sky” is an intense and dark drama, drains your soul with the confusion of character’s motive, can’t help but over with an unfortunate but the best answer for characters’ tragedy. MISA, despite intense and revenge plot, is a poetry of love, & ends in the most tragic but beautiful way I’ve ever known in Kdramas.

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I really want lớn hate MISA for getting me in this emotional state. But do I really? No, I love MISA.

I finished watching it one week ago but can’t stop thinking about the drama, so much I have lớn write something. Even now, writing the review, listening to lớn the OST & I’m crying (luckily I’m alone in the office).

If you know how I dislike melodrama, how I never finish Autumn in my heart & disapprove its stupid ending!!! But how come I love MISA this much?

Actually, MISA is full of flaws & illogical events. I got frustrated at the writer, for torturing my lonely Mu-Hyuk và creating so many misunderstood situations. I found Eun-chae’s naïve at the beginning a bit annoying, got lost in Melbourne, trusted strangers in Australia!!! For God’s sake, where was the police station? It’s Melbourne my dear scriptwriter, it’s not lượt thích she was a lost child in a desert. Eun-Chae, how many jackets you wanted to lớn give to lớn homeless men in subway station? (ok, I complained but at time I truly enjoyed MH’s caring for her at that scene ^^). Và how come the adopt parents abandoned MH at such young age? You’re too cruel, the scriptwriter. I hate all over the top, melodramatic themes!!! But, despite all those things, MISA is a truly touching và brilliant drama – the OUTSTANDING acting, the beautiful cinematography, the tasteful music, all were just beautiful, pure of love.

But MISA wasn’t all tears. The happy, lighthearted moments, especially the happy family scenes surprisingly balanced the dramatic theme, & made me truly appreciate those sweet joyfulness.

I love all scenes of MooHyuk with his family, little dễ thương GalChi, retarded but loveable Soo Kyung nuna. Above all, MH found his happiness in taking care of his only relatives. It’s a heart wrenching scene when Gal-Chi cried over hearing MH’s planning of kimbap house. The boy is the best, smart & caring.

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There are many things I want lớn talk about this drama, the relationships, the complex of human feelings, the true meaning of life. I really don’t know how lớn start, oh I should just read và absorb the emotion. I need to lớn sit back, và go through page by page in this thread. I read the first few pages already, back lớn 5 years but I really appreciate all of your thoughtful và provocative insights.

About the debate if the mother should know the truth or not, I’m in a dilemma, but more in the hiding truth. She deserves lớn know but at the same time it would kill her with the burden of guilt. In the end MH knew she did not abandon him, & he promised khổng lồ become her son again in the next life, thus his choice was not revealing the truth khổng lồ his mom. And I’m actually satisfied with that conclusion.

Moo Hyuk và Eun Chae, what else I could say now when during the past 5 years ppl have continuously praised their destined bonding? *sigh* JiSub & SoJung make me cry with MH-EC love so much it hurt. And the poetic & beautiful MISA is just lingering there, forever in my heart.

The hardest part for me is when EunChae wandered alone in Melbourne, visited the places they first met. I have re-watched most of the episodes and many MH-EC moments after the first watch, but I dare not re-watch that scene. It’s unbearable loneliness, I cried my heart out, I watched the whole scene with blurry vision. How lonely the trắng angel there, looked back at the innocent girl running hand in hand with her savior. They passed by her slowly, and the warm colors on the girl’s dress marked an opposite khổng lồ the sole white soul there, and I collapsed, felt a tug on my heartstring. Only a few minute before the ending but I pressed the pause button. I could not continue. And I completely understood there’s only one kết thúc for Eun Chae now that everyone else might already recover from the incident.

I’m crying again.


I especially love the multi- colors dress of EC in the first episode và later her scarf was also multicolors, mostly warm factors. Don’t you find it warm, Moo Hyuk ajusi?


“I’m Sorry I Love You” – what a deep title for a beyond beautiful drama.