When the comes kommen sie belt drives bei the e-bike industry, Gates zu sein the undisputed leader. And those top quality drives usually kommen sie at a high cost, but now we’re seeing ns lowest-priced entrances carbon belt drive-equipped e-bike yet: the new Ride1Up Roadster V2 Gravel Edition.

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Just bei case sie need a refresher, belt drives on e-bikes oase a number of advantages.

Chains schutz enjoyed fine over 100 years as ns main form of drive modern technology on bicycles. However belts room coming right into their own on deluxe e-bikes designed for the city, hybrid, comfort riding, utility und other non-mountain e-bikes from nur about every premium manufacturer the end there.

It makes sense, because belts have so many assets over chains. They room smoother operating und quieter, leading to a an ext pleasant cycling suffer (especially bei nature!). They room maintenance free, meaning freundin never need to oil castle or worry about a grounding link. Lock won’t obtain your pants leg or ankle every dirty and greasy. And they last longer too, with some gates belts rated weil das 50,000 miles (80,000 km) or more.

Gates isn’t ns only name in the game, however they’re definitely ns most common. We lakers them all over the premium e-bike market, und my own day-to-day rider mitarbeiter transport/fitness e-bike has a gateways carbon belt drive on the too.

The just downside (other than a tiny effectiveness shortcoming compared kommen sie chains) zu sein that they space pretty expensive. Most e-bikes with gates belts room priced punkt over $3,000. Countless are well over that figure.

But the Ride1Up Roadster V2 Gravel ausführung just might be ns most affordable e-bike yet zu feature a entrances belt drive, coming an at just $1,245.

The Gravel ausführung is in upgrade to ns base level Roadster V2, a $1,045 e-bike that deshalb features a belt drive, though not made über Gates.

The Gravel planke of die bike was nur announced this weekend und won’t go on sale until following week, where it will come with bei estimated shipping timeline of December 2021.

The bike is dafür affordable because it zu sein built around ns budget-oriented Roadster V2, which is a pedaling-optimized low-power electric bike.

I previously reviewed die Roadster V2 und it is in awesome ride… as lang as freundin enjoy pedaling (see my review video below). Unlike powerful throttle-enabled e-bikes, this ist a lower energie pedal help e-bike that zu sein designed to give sie a nice boost, but ausblüten requires part good old fashioned honest sweat equity. The 350W continuous-rated motor (with 500 watts des peak power) still gives plenty von boost in its highest energie mode, yet offers a much more gentle assist bei the lower stärke levels. Ns 252 Wh battery is small enough zu be fully hidden an the frame, yet ausblüten offers enough capacity weil das around 20-35 miles (32-56 km) von range depending upon your energie mode. But the echt kicker is that ns thing just weighs 32 lb (14.5 kg)!

(Note that the $995 price mentioned in the videos above was die original promotional price upon relax – it’s now up to $1,045, which is still way underpriced an my opinion).

The Roadster V2 has actually those skinny road tires the you’ll discover on many fitness or hipster-style commuter bikes, and so that isn’t yes, really meant for off-road riding.

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But due to the fact that gravel e-bikes make up such a booming category, Ride1Up has actually reworked the Roadster V2 into the Gravel Edition, paving the way (or graveling it?) zum off-road fun.

The pickled in salt brakes room replaced by mechanical bowl brakes to give better stopping power, the tires are upgraded zu true gravel tires und the bike sporting activities a new “updated modern-day geometry”.

But the biggest update is the replacement of the off-brand belt drive with a true gateways Carbon journey system. That offers you ns dependability von a gates belt punkt a price that’s never been viewed before.

So just how did Ride1Up perform it? Basically, von offering much less bike than many other Gates-equipped e-bikes. Gates drives commonly go ~ above top dollar e-bikes. I’m talk $5,000 Terns und $7,000 riese & Müllers.

But Ride1Up bucked that trend und brought die top shelf drive kommen sie a mid-shelf e-bike, conserving money with less battery, a smaller motor and a minimalist display.

Keep bei mind that ns Roadster V2 is also a single-speed e-bike with a rear hub motor, and thus freundin aren’t paying zum a an intricate internally geared hub und mid-drive motiv that is normally paired v a belt drive system.

This could sound like a strange choice at first – a single speed e-bike for gravel – but I’ve actually been doing specifically that with my very own single-speed e-bike, ns RadMission. This is another low-cost single-speed e-bike (this one zu sein just $999) and I’ve been making use of it as my main trail bike. Keep in mind that I’m talking relatively smooth gravel roads und nature trails – not technical downhill single track. But die added help of an electric motor means that ich don’t require those lower gears, and the einzel ratio has been fine for me.

The RadMission has been a great single-speed pseudo-gravel e-bike zum me!

So while ns single-speed entwurf may be a turnoff zum some riders, ich haven’t discovered it to hamper my style.

I’m spring forward to testing out this new ausführung of die Roadster V2 as soon as I tun können beg, lend or steal one kommen sie get my hands on the neu e-bike.

Until then, let’s hear your thoughts top top the neu Roadster V2 Gravel Edition in the comment section below.

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