Scientology and the aftermath deutsch

Leah Remini und Mike Rinder meet with two frauen raised an the now defunct Cadet Org von the Church von Scientology und learn around their stories von abandonment and sexual abuse.

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Leah learns about tragic stories of two young guys who turned to ns Church between battles with depression and suicidal thoughts.

A woman discusses abandonment, death und the demise of herstellung family within Scientology after gift told die Church could create the perfect family.

Leah and Mike lead a ring table discussion kommen sie break down "The Bridge kommen sie Total Freedom" und why Scientologists spend years of their lives and thousands des dollars kommen sie reach the coveted top.

Leah und Mike spotlight david Miscavige, the head des the Church, and sit down through his previous body men, including die former head of security at gold Base headquarters, zu discuss how Miscavige maneuvered his means into power and how he continues zu be untouchable.

Leah und Mike sit down through a former Scientology celebrity recruiter kommen sie learn about the Church's efforts kommen sie recruit A-list celebrities. Later: castle head to new York kommen sie meet v filmmaker paul Haggis and discuss his endure with ns Church.
A look at the Mace-Kingsley Ranches, i m sorry were advocated as education camps zum troubled kids, yet but former students speak they were actually hard labor camps weil das children. Leah und Mike sit down v two previous students zu discuss hardships castle endured.

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A look weist "the best good" and cleaning die planet as a member von the Sea company sees Leah und Mike sit down v two former Sea organization members, who share stories von neglect and abandonment.
Leah und Mike command a roundtable discussion examining the contracts that all Scientologists must follow and the financial requests they're required to fulfill.
Leah sits down v two of produziert childhood girlfriend for bei emotional conversation around their common experiences farming up in Scientology. Lock look back on exactly how their friendship aided them to survive during their most complicated times und how they're now trying kommen sie heal with each other's support.
An upgrade on a friend of Leah's called Chantal Dodson, through Leah and Mike sitting down with Chantal und her mother. Also: participants indigenous Season 1 return to dicuss exactly how their lives oase been impacted über appearing on die show.
Leah und Mike command a round-table discussion about the church's funding von groups the manufacture a hopeful perception bei the windy eye und forward a Scientology agenda.

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A roundtable discussion examines the life of L. Ron Hubbard, founder von the Church of Scientology. Hana Whitfield, one von the first Sea Org members, und author russell Miller join Leah and Mike zum the discussion.