Samsung Galaxy Note Preis

This year’s samsung Unpacked observed a slew of devices launched all at ns same time. Indigenous the samsung Galaxy Z wrinkles 2 to the newly unveiled Galaxy note 20 series, there’s to be a lot. However, there’s a strong case the no-one should buy die regular Galaxy grad 20. The samsung Galaxy note 20 ultra is just $300 an ext than the regular grad 20, so is die regular grad 20 worth it? I’d argue the it most likely isn’t uneven you’re pinching pennies however absolutely must have a Note.

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Galaxy note 20 has a gewächs of compromises weil das a $1000 flagship

No matte what, $999 is a hefty price for a smartphone. Irrespective von the specifications und what ns competition offers, $999 is just a lot of money, dafür it makes sense kommen sie maximize die value you get out des it. Considering the preis tag, plenty of people wollen hope zu hold onto their flagship smartphones for several years, which zu sein usually one of the main arguments zum buying a flagship fairly than a mid-range smartphone.

However, the samsung Galaxy grad 20 provides a gewächs of compromises. This compromises space arguably far much more than a smartphone this expensive must be making, particularly when smartphone priced reduced often verpackt way more des a punch.

In die case of the samsung Galaxy grad 20, you are admittedly getting a gewächs of that Note-line experience. You’re getting that shiny neu S-Pen with Air Actions, you’re gaining Wireless DeX, and you’re getting a flagship chipset in the Exynos 990 or the Snapdragon 865+, dependant on her region. However, you’re deshalb missing the end on an awful lot. Think rückseitig to flagships released bei 2020 already, even just smartphones together as die OnePlus 8 Pro, which expense $100 much less than die Galaxy grad 20.


In the case von the OnePlus 8 Pro, you’re not getting any des the Galaxy Note-specific features, but is the S-Pen precious $100 kommen sie you? If the is, space you happy to invest $1000 ~ above a 2020 flagship the doesn’t schutz a high refresh rate display? What about a 2020 flagship that has a plastic (well, “glasstic”) back with a 2-year-old Gorilla Glass 5 on ns front? is it precious “only” acquiring a 1080p display? Throw in a potential Exynos 990 an Europe ~ above top des that v its subpar power (in compare to the Snapdragon 865+, anyway), und all of a sudden, the does admittedly become a rather hard sell.

There are dafür many flagships that currently make ns regular Galaxy klasse 20 look fairly under-specced, und we aren’t also getting started against budget flagships. ~ above paper, die camera deshalb looks nur about okay, and nothing worth getting an especially excited over. Together Idrees noted in his rather substantial comparison des the OnePlus 8 Pro und the samsung Galaxy S20+, the OnePlus 8 pro emerged as ns overall better phone. Considering ns compromises die vanilla klasse 20 brings to the table, substituting the klasse 20 bei place of the S20+ ist unlikely zu change die conclusion.

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Galaxy note 20 extremistin provides much better value weil das $300 extra


In contrast zu the samsung Galaxy note 20, the samsung Galaxy grad 20 extremist seemingly offers much better value zum $300 more. Quad HD? Check. 120Hz? Check. Gorilla Glass 7? Check. A premium glass back? Check. More powerful camera setup? Check. All von the hauptsächlich upgrades room covered, yet there are a ton more as well.

You obtain a 108MP main sensor alongside bei ultra-wide camera und the adaptive refresh rate display. Nur a quick primer on that – die adaptive refresh rate display ist just like the sich entschuldigen Watch display. Reading in ebook? die screen can drop to 10Hz. Allowed your always on Display? die screen will drop to 1Hz. Totally indistinguishable for the end-user, but die adaptive refresh price has die potential zum massive battery gains over time wie consuming static content or leaving her phone top top a table. Even getting into the small things… the regular grad 20 has actually a 26ms response time with ns S-Pen, when the grad 20 extremist drops this under to nur 9ms.


But if none des that ist enough, keep bei mind the the samsung Galaxy klasse 20 extremistin also offers both expandable storage, and the extremist Wide band (UWB) chip. Die regular grad 20 uses neither, und only comes v 128GB of non-expandable storage. There space no greater storage options.

The Ultra-Wide band chip allows faster device-to-device connections and, subsequently, faster paper transfers. You kann sein point the Galaxy klasse 20 extremist at another note 20 extremistin (or other future samsung phones with die UWB chip, however not the regular klasse 20) zu prioritize connecting zu that certain device, acquisition advantage des the precise, indoor positioning functions enabled über the technology. Samsung says that bei the future, UWB möchte be used zum more specific AR technology und may even allow you zu unlock your home using your phone as a digital key.

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Keep an mind; sie are spending in additional $300, which one can argue zu sein a rather klein increase zum huge benefits. Ns delta bolzen Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra’s pricing zu sein lower than die delta between their specifications and overall experience. Over there is in argument to be made whether the grad 20 extremist is worth its $1300 beginning price, but zum the vanilla note 20, one zu sein likely zu find plenty von agreement that ns $1000 preis tag ist unjustified.