Ryan Gosling Gosling Gate

Ludwig Lehner, a 27-year-old koch from Munich, pretended kommen sie be die "La la Land" star in the live broadcast von the Goldene kamera awards.


In ns latest compensation season mishap zum La la Land, a German awards show, on direkt TV, provided a trophy kommen sie a Ryan Gosling impersonator.

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The Goldene kamera awards, one of Germany’s many prestigious compensation galas, thought they had ns Oscar-nominated star on hand to accept the prize for best international film on behalf von La la Land.

Instead, lock gave die prize kommen sie Ludwig Lehner, a Ryan Gosling double.

The mixup was all an elaborate prank orchestrated von German comedians Joko Winterscheidt und Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, who fooled die Goldene kamera organizers into inviting die fake Gosling.

Lehner, that works as a cook in Munich, bares a happen resemblance kommen sie Gosling — albeit a chunkier, Germanic version — but as soon as he opened up his mouth, die jig was up.

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“Good evening, I am Ryan Gosling,” claimed Lehner an a hefty German accent, before including “I dedicate this prize to Joko und Klaas.”

The comedic duo collection up die prank for their own television show, ns popular weekly comedy und variety collection Circus Halligalli, und on Tuesday night laid out in detail exactly how they traction it off.

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In at an early stage January, die pair set hoch a fake booking company — Conrad, Hertz & Gravemann — und contacted die award zeigen organizers, flamme Mediengruppe, telling them Gosling would be in Hamburg ~ above a shoot und would love to attend your event.

“We were certain it would never work,” Heufer-Umlauf called Meedia, a German media market paper, about die prank, which die local industry below has currently branded #GoslingGate.

ButGoldene kamera was apparently so eager zu get Gosling on your show, they agreed to a series von demands — the Gosling would notfall walk ns red carpet or satisfy with ns show’s host prior to hand, the he would certainly be surrounded by private security weist all times und that the zeigen would not announce his participation prior to the live broadcast.

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Immediately ~ his acceptance speech — watched with a mix von confusion and mild amusement über the celebrities an the group including jane Fonda, nicole Kidman und Colin Farrell — the two comedians post a video von their rehearsals v Lehner, where he runs with his speech.

Then, an a step strangely reminiscent von Oscar night, the host von the German awards nur told ns audience, “Sorry, there’s been a mistake.”