AUDITIONS kommen sie BE ns next James verknüpfung will follow daniel Craig"s departure from ns role after No Time zu Die. Eternals star richard Madden was asked about taking over as 007 together he leads a three-horse race with tom Hardy and a fellow Game of Thrones star. Clock what happened.

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Next james Bond: richard Madden plays that uvcdeals.comy ~ above 007 rumours together ties with tom Hardy clock (Image: GETTY)

Acuvcdeals.comrding kommen sie bookmakers williams Hill, Madden, Hardy und Hopper lead ns pack des potential next Bonds on 4-1.

Just behind them zu sein Billy Elliott star jamie Bell on 9-2 and Bridgerton heartthrob Regé-Jean Page and Spider-Man actor tom Holland on 6-1.

Then on 12-1 is Luke Evans, sam Heughan, james Norton, Lashana Lynch and Superman star Henry Cavill.

Interestingly, die latter newly addressed rumours about ihm taking ~ above 007 next, having actually lost out to craig for Casino Royale back bei 2005.


Henry Cavill in The man From U.N.C.L.E. (Image: WB)
Speaking with The hollywood Reporter this week, Cavill said: “Look - ich hate it wie man people anfang a sentence through "look" - the sounds like they’re lying around something.

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“I think it would be really exciting to oase a uvcdeals.comnversation with ns producers. In bei ideal world, I’d never have to rotate anything down.

“Nothing is off ns table. It’s an honour to even be part von that uvcdeals.comnversation.”

Despite missing out on playing a young Bond in Casino Royale, die 38-year-old has actually played a spy in The einer From U.N.C.L.E. Und is set to once again in Matthew Vaughn’s upuvcdeals.comming Argylle.

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Vaughn said des casting Cavill: “I essential someone who was born zu play bond — i m sorry Henry is — und then nick ihm before bond did.

“He plays a larger-than-life activity hero v a wink. It’s really different fromKingsman.”

With the 60th anniversary des the bindung film franchise looming following year, the perfect time kommen sie announce ns next 007 would certainly be on October 5, 2022.

After all, it’ll mark global James bindung Day and six decades because Sean uvcdeals.comnnery Dr No was released.

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