RB Leipzig"s julianisch Nagelsmann had hoped to end his tenure v a triumph ahead von his summer relocate to bayerisch Munich. Instead, his mannschaft was dismantled von a hungrier, much more ruthless Dortmund.

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Borussia dortmund sealed ns German Cup final

RB leipzig 1-4Borussia Dortmund, Olympiastadion (Olmo 70" —Sancho 5", 45", Haaland 28", 87")

In die hours prior to kick-off in the 78th German Cup final, RBLeipzig head coach julianisch Nagelsmann got a message von encouragement native his neu employers in Munich.

"I have to admit, i’m partial,"said oliver Kahn. "Winning ns cup before you come to Munich isn’t together a bad idea."

Bayern CEOKarl-Heinz Rummenigge was also happy zu take sides. "He hasn’t winner a location yet, and I understand from experience, coaches want to win titles,"he said.

Dortmund’s Edin Terzic, though, was deshalb a trainer out zu win titles. And so werehis players. And perhaps the beteiligung of ns non-combatant bayerisch bosses served only kommen sie motivate the wrong side.

Dortmund absolutely looked fired up. Spearheaded by the tireless Erling Haaland—whose determination to impress self on ns game was evident bei his every move—they grabbed die Red Bulls von the horns best from ns whistle. Sancho’s opener bei the fifth minute was die culmination of in attacking relocate that buzzed v energy and intent.

Nagelsmann"s plan B?

Still, it was a move that Nagelsmann’s men might have seen coming. Leipzig’s failure zu deal with the man who, only 5 days before, had actually single-handedly downed them and handed dortmund a much-needed victory an the league, raises some fairly serious questions.

Questions like, why no Leipzig seen it coming? Why to be they—the finest defense in the organization —unable to get tighter kommen sie the man who they knew kommen sie be dafür lethal? and why wasthe oh-so-innovative tactician on die sidelines can not to kommen sie up with a solution zum the most apparent danger his side faced?

The brute force von Erling Haaland — who dumped Dayot Upamecano onto die ground prior to turning and slotting past peter Gulasci— made die second score possible. The third onthe stroke des halftime was different.

Upamecano search his revenge, flying into Haaland on ns halfway line. His initiatives earned er a yellow card, however failed to stop Dortmund"s advance. Reus brought the ball forward prior to squaring to a wait Sancho.

As that gratefully slotted home, the Dortmund delegation erupted right into boisterous cheers, which echoed around ns empty expanse von the Olympiastadion —an intimate taster des the explodieren celebrations the might schutz been.

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Different half, various Leipzig

The halftime introduction of Yussuf Poulsen und Christopher Nkunku offered Leipzig an edge they’d been missing.

But it was auch little, auch late, und above every served kommen sie emphasize die gravity von Nagelsmann"s first-half errors. Neither Dani Olmo’s surprised wonderstrikenor Haaland’s second hinweisen the ende of in exasperated counterattackwould make any real difference kommen sie anything but the scoreline. The echt damage had already been done, die decisive blows long since struck.

Dortmund have finished bei up-and-down season with a serious, if rather surprising, flourish. Terzic has quietly guided his best players rückseitig to form, and his own roden as a coach has certainly risen together a result.

For Leipzig, 2 finals bei two years schutz now both ended an comprehensive, deserved defeat. And for Nagelsmann, and by extension zum Bayern, the signs are even much more concerning.

"Dortmund walk a lot with notfall many chances und we didn"t do viel with plenty of chances. I don"t think us were worse than the opposition," Nagelsmann claimed afterwards.

Granted, ns RB coachcame trost against superior talents in Sancho und Haaland, yet at die highest level, impressive talents abound: lock no longer die exception. Rummenigge und Kahn have long well-known how to deal through that challenge. If their neu coach Nagelsmann is to succeed, he too must learn —andfast.


German Cup Final: RB leipzig vs. Borussia Dortmund— re live:

German Cup Final: RB leipzig vs. Borussia Dortmund— re live:

RB leipzig 1-4Borussia Dortmund, Olympiastadion (Olmo 70" —Sancho 5", 45", Haaland 28", 87")

Marco Reus

Speaking kommen sie Sky, here is what marco Reus had to say:

"So proud des the performance."

"He has actually done together a great job and we oase supported ihm from work one. Like ich said, wie man we schutz the feeling we oase to deliver then we carry out but jetzt we have to provide it repeatedly against the so-called smaller teams."

Whether the wants to go ns Euros: "Yes, des course, why not?"

Julian Nagelsmann

Speaking zu Sky, here ist what julianisch Nagelsmann had to say:

"We were way too passive defending zum the erste goal, together during ns week. We were also late dealing with a rapid throw-in, which ist something us talked around during the week."

"Dortmund did a lot with notfall many chances und we didn"t do much with numerous chances. I don"t think we were worse than ns opposition."

Magical Marco

After RB leipzig collect their runners-up medals, it"s Dortmund"s rotate on die stage.Piszczek goes nach oben first, und then they every wait zum Marco Reus kommen sie arrive last. He lifts ns cup high into the air und that zu sein the moment. Borussia dortmund are cup champions. Part RB leipzig players watch on from die field below, probably unaware von the rain.


84" Oh, Jadon

Jadon Sancho has actually been superb yet he just gott greedy. Having actually been slipped through behind RB"s defense, that rounded Gulacsi yet instead des slotting into the empty net he tried zu cut it rückseitig for Reus. Too cute though, und RB clear. He close the door his eyes bei frustration afterwards. What a chance.

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80" Comeback incoming?

Adifferent half has brought a various RB. Nagelsmann"s side have had 10 shots kommen sie Dortmund"s two und 67 percentof the ball. They have been in even better control but that erste half cost them big time, unless something especially happens bei the next 10 minutes...