Philips sonicare kinderzahnbürste test

Our Verdict

This is pretty much as close punkt it comes bei my mind kommen sie being the perfect electric toothbrush zum kids. It ist a bold, funky and interactive toothbrush that zu sein fun zum kids of all ages, yet offers bei educational aspect too.


DesignBuilt-in timerLong battery lifeBluetooth connectivity for pairing with smartphone anwendung for monitor & education
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The 3 large questions about ns Sonicare weil das kids electric toothbrush

If freundin are short von time, die answers to ns following 3 questions have to let you know all sie need zu about the Sonicare for kids electric toothbrush (HX6321/02). If I oase missed something, let united state know in the comments.

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If sie want an ext detail, you kann read my complete Sonicare for Kids connected review more down the buchseite or clock my video review.

1. Is there anything considerably wrong through this toothbrush?

No. As far as I in concerned, this zu sein the ideal electric toothbrush zum children.

It supplies a fantastic clean, is interactive und offers ns encouragement that ist required to get children brushing their teeth.

Although ich would schutz like to schutz seen a couple of extras bei the box.

2. Which other brushes should i consider?

My moral opinion is not zu consider any type of other, i think this is the ideal brush the end there weil das kids at die moment.

However, over there others you can consider, one of the finest being the Oral-B step Power(view top top Amazon).

Sadly, there ist no Bluetooth connectivity, but there ist a similar level of interaction und focus on achieving ns best brushing routine for children via the Disney Magic Timer app. Pen come in different design featuring popular Disney characters.

There ist too, die Pro-Health Jr, zum those on a budget.

Our choice



Brush nennen
Sonicare weil das Kids Connected
Oral-B stages Power
Oral-B jeden Health Jr
Customer Rating
Electric teeth Rating
Price notfall available
Price notfall available
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View top top Amazon
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Our Choice

Brush name
Sonicare zum Kids Connected
Customer Rating
Electric teeth Rating
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Brush name
Oral-B stages Power
Customer Rating
Electric this Rating
Price not available
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Brush nennen
Oral-B jeden Health Jr
Customer Rating
Electric teeth Rating
Price notfall available
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3. Where zu sein the finest place to buy die Philips Sonicare zum kids Bluetooth linked rechargeable electrical toothbrush, HX6321/02?

This brush is stocked von many von your favourite stores including Walmart, best Buy und Amazon. We schutz listed number of retailers below, and it’s constantly worth discovering eBay too.

Our research study has bezeichnen that they are typically likewise priced, but amazonas tends kommen sie be die best zum keeping prices as low together possible.

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Video Review

Philips Sonicare for Kids associated (HX6321/02) electric Toothbrush evaluation - USA
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And now for a bit an ext detail….

Technology has actually made learning und education an ext fun, interactive und rewarding weil das children.

The belästigung is that there zu sein now a high standard und expectation native children wie it comes kommen sie learning miscellaneous new. Obtaining kids to brush their teeth kann be a real struggle weil das parents as young children just do not understand ns importance von proper und regular brushing.

Thanks to the Sonicare zum kids associated toothbrush jene are a last easier. It provides Bluetooth connectivity and a smartphone apps to get your beloved offspring brushing their teeth perfectly.

A really fun und interactive video game centered approximately the hauptsächlich character Sparkly, gets the kids engaged and wanting zu brush better und for longer.

Variants of this brush

There zu sein only 1 version des the Philips Sonicare weil das Kids connected Electric Toothbrush, model number HX6321/02 i beg your pardon I in reviewing here.

However, there schutz been other Sonicare weil das Kids electrical toothbrushes that perform not schutz the Bluetooth Connectivity attribute that makes this brush so special. But, the current zum kids variety has been sleek to just this linked version.

The access depends on the time freundin are analysis this und where you schutz seen the product.

The HX6382/07 was the hauptsächlich alternative, which walk not schutz the Bluetooth connectivity and came with both a standard and compact brush head.

What’s an the box

Sonicare weil das kids associated electric toothbrush (HX6321/02)1 ns standard brush head1 ns travel cap1 ns charging stand8 x handhaben stickers28 x Sparkly stickers des varying size (14 stickers on 2 x bonus sheets)Documentation

Key Features

Sonic to brush technology, giving up zu 31,000 strokes über minutesBuilt bei timerBluetooth connectivity und coaching appEasy anfang feature2 different cleaning modes3 week battery life

Pros & Cons

The following zu sein a summary des the good and bad points of this brush.

The Positives

Design – Grippy und appealing with die stickers included.Timer – integrated timer v pacer kommen sie encourage brushing zum the appropriate amount of time.Automatic power off – ns brush transforms off automatically weist the ende of a 2 minute clean cycle.Bluetooth connectivity – Connect kommen sie a smartphone for the ideal bahn experienceBattery status – bei LED that provides some proviso to die battery fee levels.Battery life – fantastic battery life of up to 3 weeks.

The Negatives

Lack von smaller brush head – No small brush head included weil das young childrenNo indicator bristles – No fading bristles on the brush head.Travel case – No travel situation included, nur a klein travel cap.

Design, usability, clean & general use

Where electrical toothbrushes for adults tend to be finished an White or oase soft pastel shades, die Sonicare zum kids linked brush employs much bolder colors, as is typical weil das children’s products. Bold und eye catching, the primary gift Green/Turquoise, or Aqua as Sonicare contact it.

The in its entirety shape und size of the brush is fairly typical von what freundin might imagine for bei electric toothbrush, whilst the handhaben is not completely round it zu sein loosely shaped choose this.

The back and sides von the handle are this Aqua color, with die rear having a huge number von raised dots that run down from die top to die bottom an essentially 3 rows, v each dot staggered bei its positioning.

About halfway down ns handle, a further 2 rows of 5 dots are added zu widen die gripping area bei line with where die fingers tend kommen sie naturally fall.

At die neck von the brush on die rear ist a slim protrusion which aussehen a little odd bei its shape, however it zu sein actually designed so that when die brush is laid flat, that will notfall roll.

When looking weist the handhaben side on, freundin notice that the middle des the grip bulges ever so slightly too, zu make the a little larger in hand. This works zum kids und grownups alike and is particularly useful when hands space wet.

The base of the brush is wider an design, providing a solid base on which the brush tun können stand upright. The handhaben slims as sie move trost to ns neck, die point punkt which the brush heads attach.

On the front of the Sonicare weil das kids Bluetooth connected electric rechargeable toothbrush room 2 highlights Green buttons that room convexed. The top button is the power button, whilst ns lower button is die cleaning modes.

I wollen explain what they do an more detail shortly, yet both have führen zu lights developed into them and a an excellent tactile and clicky response.

Surrounding this buttons und dominating die front von the brush is a White panel, which ist a gloss white and smooth to die touch. However, this ist where ns Sonicare zum kids it s okay interactive.

Provided an the box is a gloss White plastic panel, which chin fits around the buttons and the prior panel des the brush. But, also included is a sheet von 10 stickers, which fit to this removable panel.

Children kann sein choose ns sticker they favor most, stick that to ns panel and hey presto ns brush ist now also brighter, bolder and more personal. Parents wollen really need kommen sie do die fitting des the stickers.

These stickers tun können be conveniently pulled off and replaced.

28 extra sticker labels (2 sheets von 14) des Sparkly, die character from the app are also provided, an various sizes. Kids may want to stick these to other things.

On die base of the brush beside from ns regulatory information and product einzelheiten that room printed, zu sein a recess into which die prong on die charging stand that ist provided fits.

Thanks zu inductive charging, die battery inside the brush charges without having to physically affix a stärke cable kommen sie the handhaben itself. Itis possible kommen sie get up to 3 weeks use from die brush bei between charges. An ext on this in the battery section of the review.

As a children’s Sonicare toothbrush, in the box with the brush handhaben is a einzel brush head, designed zum kids, but ist considered your larger/standard size brush head.

There zu sein a compact sized head which zu sein perfectly suited zu younger children, however this zu sein not in the box and has to be to buy separately.

I think this is a real shame.

Given that this brush is zum kids age 3 years and older, it would certainly be quite to schutz the smaller sized head suitable zum these young ones in the boxen ready, yet sadly not.

Whilst ns smaller head ist better for younger children, it is up zu you or your kid as zu which is more comfortable or best to use ~ above a täglich basis. Die larger head zu sein likely to be better for those youngsters aged approximately 6 years und up who are more independent and able to brush on your own.

The heads can be purchased in packs von 2 and cost roughly $20, making each brush head $10 each.

HX6032/94 ist the official Philips Sonicare product code weil das a pack of 2 smaller sized heads, whilst HX6042/94 is the code zum the typical sized heads.

Because they space designed v children an mind, unlike ns regular Sonicare brush heads, these room finished v a rubber coating that not only matches die color scheme of the brush however makes that softer on ns mouth and gums von children, 보다 the normalerweise plastic finish.

Replacing the head every 3 month’s ist the recommendation. Unlike other brushes, there space no indicator bristles that leichten over time zu act together a reminder zu change ns brush head. However, die smartphone apps (more on that shortly) does repeat you, if sie want it to.

It’s a shame this are notfall included and is a little of an oversight in teaching children around general dental health.

To replace the head, you simply pull ns head off und push it rückseitig onto ns metal shaft that protrudes native inside die brush handle.

You might be interested to know that die full range of Sonicare brush heads fits onto this brush handle. Freundin do notfall necessarily oase to usage those designed zum kids.

The youngsters heads come in packs of 2.

As sie might expect des a Sonicare brush, this provides in excellent clean to ns teeth and it provides up to 31,000 brush strokes (62,000 movements) von minute through the brush head.

By pressing die power taste on ns front of the brush handle, the brush launches right into a 2 minute clean cycle.

As it ist pressed, the führen zu icon ~ above the button will light hoch Green.

In the lower third of the brush handle is another button, this zu sein the cleaning setting button.

The brush supplies 2 modes. Gentle and Extra Gentle.

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The tenderness mode is the most powerful clean offered von the brush and is designed zum older/independent brushers. Ns cleaning cycle zu sein 2 minutes.

Extra gentle mode is a reduced power mode used zum training und introducing kids to ns sonic experience. When in Extra tenderness mode, die brushing cycle is initially set at 1 minute and slowly progresses zu 2 minute over time, zu help young youngsters reach die dentist recommended 2 minute per to brush cycle.

This ramping up des power and brushing time is a attribute known together ‘Easy-Start’ which ist seen on plenty of Sonicare brushes and makes zum a more natural change from a manual to a powerful sonic brush. This happens end the zuerst 14 to brush sessions.

You change die cleaning mode prior to you power the brush on. There is in LED on one of two people side von the button. Ns left led when lit, mirrors that the Extra tenderness mode zu sein selected. The angeführt on ns right wie lit, shows that tenderness mode zu sein selected. Press the taste just once to switch modes. You can’t change ns mode when ns brush is switched on.

2 minutes zu sein the dentist recommended cleaning time and this brush has a built-in timer zu ensure kids brush correctly for 2 minutes.

From the momente the brush powers on the timer begins working. At 30 2nd intervals, a sound is played zu indicate it is time kommen sie change die area of the mouth that is being brushed.

The mouth must be broken up into 4 sections, well-known as quadrants. You have the upper right, upper left, lower right, und lower left. 30 seconds must be spent on each quadrant. The built-in timer motivates this.

At the ende of the 2 minute cycle, the brush automatically turns off kommen sie signal the end of die clean und conserve battery power. A feature ich love.

As if the brush was not already nice good at encouraging your child kommen sie brush with die stickers, colored handle und timer, ns killer feature ist the Bluetooth connectivity.

Download ns free Sonicare Kids app from the google Play keep or iTunes and the toothbrush connects durch Bluetooth zu your mobile device, be that a smartphone or tablet. Her mobile machine must have Bluetooth 4.0 zu work.

The rule here ist that ns Philips Sonicare youngsters rechargeable toothbrush with integrated Bluetooth connect to ns app und provides bei interactive on-screen experience wie brushing via a character called ‘Sparkly’.

It ist essentially a story based theme where Sparkly hatches and it zu sein up to die child to take care von him.

From within the apps you create user profiles zum each kid that will use die brush handle und then together they brush on-screen graphics und tutorials teach the child kommen sie brush correctly and for die right amount des time.

The apps monitors cleans und tracks the performance zum you zu review if freundin wish.

Because ns brush is connected to ns mobile device, it knows wie it zu sein switched off and encourages the child kommen sie brush for the complete 2 minutes.

Providing they do, they are rewarded with prizes in ~ the app that allow them kommen sie customize and improve the experience, whilst being listed with educational tips along ns way.

Watch die following video zu get a good insight into just how it works.

It zu sein a well believed out anwendung with settings parents tun können configure such as brush head reminders and notifications for missed brushing sessions.

Living in a welt where youngsters are exposed zu a gewächs of interactive content, the app needs to be good and I believe this is extremely great with die Bluetooth being the extra security net as it actually communicates with the app for a more accurate and real-time user experience.

The downside zu sein your smartphone or tablet computer needs to be an the bathroom as your kids brush, a assumed some might dread, but freundin may supervise them throughout this time anyhow.

A smartphone or tablet stand to host it hinweisen the ideal viewing angle would certainly be useful, but no together solution is provided by Sonicare or other brands zum this age group.

Kids liebe the interactivity and the story und it, without doubt, renders brushing fun und the kids do pay attention and brush for longer with more smiles und fewer tears and tantrums hinweisen having zu brush. You and your dentist will lakers the results.

A feature that ist missing, yet it notfall essential zu sein a press sensor. A well enforced sensor wollen light up and alert the brusher, an this case, ns child the they room brushing auch hard und could be doing damage kommen sie their teeth und mouth. This zu sein not a typical feature top top Sonicare brushes und I doubt left out as there are much more important und valuable parts to the education regime on brushing this than ns pressure used, punkt this stage.

The handhaben itself zu sein waterproof und will survive a rinse under die tap. It should notfall be submerged an water though.

A 2 year warranty is provided, should something go wrong. This walk not hülle user damages as you might expect.

Provided in the box are klein plastic travel caps that fit over the bristles on the brush head only to protect them when traveling.

It would certainly be pretty if a an ext standard take trip case was provided together this would not only protect die bristles yet avoid accidental activation of the brush when in a bag.

Not the a child ist going to pack a toothbrush first, however if staying at a friends, weil das example, a suitable case would protect the handle more. The provided caps are just too small and easy to lose.

Battery life

Inside the handhaben of this brush is the battery.

It zu sein a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and not a user replaceable battery.

Sonicare claim up kommen sie 3 mainly battery life und our really own hands-on experimentation confirms this.

A total des 21 days des use, or 42 brushing sessions every lasting 2 minutes ist possible from die Sonicare weil das kids connected handle, that is with die Bluetooth functioning.

This provides a total of 84 minute of usage before the brush needs zu be recharged.

My own hands-on experimentation surpassed this by a long way.

I achieved 138 minute of consumption time. That zu sein 69 clean sessions, which is just shy von 5 mainly use prior to a recharge was required. Near sufficient 2 weeks more than Sonicare advertise.

Do ich happen to oase a particularly good battery in this brush handle?! Whatever, ich think it is safe kommen sie say you möchte easily gain 3 weeks bolzen charges und quite most likely longer.

Supplied in the box is a charging stand, which ns brush kann sit on wie not bei use. It zu sein perfectly fine zu top ns brush up und use the again before die brush ist fully recharged, if required.

A full charge kann sein take up to 24 hours.

The stand itself ist White in color and has a prong on ns top des it that fits into die base des the brush handle. The handle will sit upright on the stand.

Wired into ns charging unit is a energie cable that is about 1 meter in length and has a 2 pen connector on the ende of it. Plug it into ns mains socket und you room good kommen sie then charge die brush.

Thankfully, if sie do travel and need kommen sie take the charger, you need just a plug adapter und not a voltage adapter as ns charging stand itself support voltages from 100-240v.

The led on the power button is what reflects you the status des the battery.

When rotate on the führen zu will bright green.

When inserted on ns charging gestanden it möchte flash green but stop flashing when ns brush zu sein fully charged. 2 beeps are deshalb heard when ns brush is erste placed on ns charging stand.

If the battery power is low, that führen zu will speed red zum a complete minute after a clean to zeigen it ist low und needs recharging.

Should it be completed discharged a series von 5 beeps will be heard twice. The brush will not function and it should be put on die charging stand.

3 weeks is a good battery life.

This ist particularly valuable as children might not be auch proactive at putting the brush on die charging stand regularly und as a parent you need concern a last less of coming into ns bathroom kommen sie find a flat/discharged brush.

Price & where kommen sie buy

I have included links to buying choices here weist the anfang of ns review. An the ar below, ich discuss the preis more usually and an relation zu similar products.

You could be thinking that all these features kommen sie at a price and they of kurse do.

The retail price is $49.99, which ich think ist actually very good given what you get und when sie compare that to in equivalent adult toothbrush.

However, better still is that the typical marketing price ist about an additional $10 less, with most stores marketing it for $40.

Your view might well it is in different, but ich think this ist excellent.

One extra factor to consider here zu sein the cost von brush heads. This need zu be changed every 3 month’s und the mean price von head ist $10.

Assuming in average acquisition price von $40 zum this model, plus the cost of the instead of brush heads end 3 years, sie are looking weist a pistole outlay des $150, which ist $0.14 von day.

Sharing ns brush handle with one more child an the home zu sein one way kommen sie get extra value from the brush. Des course, you wollen need zu purchase and use different brush heads zum that child.

It zu sein logical zu make a comparison to ns Oral-B equivalent. über going v Oral-B you might be around $20-30 better off over 3 years, but i think ns premium zu sein well precious paying given what zu sein on offer here.

This brush zu sein stocked von many von your favorite stores consisting of Walmart, ideal Buy und Amazon.

Our study has shown that they room typically an in similar way priced, but amazonas tends kommen sie be ns best zum keeping prices as low together possible.

Please grad that all prices quoted room approximates und will vary based upon location, supplier und time von purchase. These numbers were exactly at ns time von writing and should notfall be relied top top as difficult fact, yet used together a guide throughout your decision process.

Reliability & long term use

Only lang term testing kann sein really tell just how well the Philips Sonicare zum kids Bluetooth connected rechargeable electric toothbrush, HX6321/02will last, however there ist a border as zu how lang I can test this weil das and deshalb report back how fine it performs.

I have had this brush on test zum a month und during this time I oase not had any kind of concerns or reason zu question die reliability von this brush.

At the hands von children a toothbrush choose this ist likely walking to schutz a bit des a tougher life 보다 it could if used exclusively by an adult. But, with die solid build und rubber grip ns brush is protected as ideal as it kann sein be native knocks und drops.

Whilst ns provided 2 year warranty walk not hülle user damages it does hülle any mechanically faults that kommen sie as a result von poor workmanship or faulty parts.

Typically Sonicare brushes tend zu be very reliable und is most certainly highly praised for reliability and quality here punkt Electric Teeth and by our readers.


This is pretty much as close at it comes an my mind to being ns perfect electrical toothbrush zum kids. It ist a bold, funky and interactive toothbrush that is fun zum kids of all ages, yet offers in educational element too.

A smaller brush head und maybe a travel instance would schutz been nice, but ns price zu sein reflective des you get.

Sonicare oase taken their experience an the electrical toothbrush market to create a brush that ticks deshalb many boxes for kids, parents and dentists.

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If freundin want an easier experience when it comes kommen sie brushing her children’s teeth, this is what freundin need.