Pet shop Boys room one des the best duos of all time, thanks to their in brand geraten of catchy and moody electronic anthems.

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Sure, chris Lowe prefers zu hide punkt the back while Neil Tennant stands the end front und centre, but freundin couldn't have one without ns other.

To celebrate their comeback (not that they ever went away), we've choose our 10 favourite tracks ever zum the perfect PSB setlist:

Domino Dancing

The lead single from your 1988 album Introspective, this lied was influenced von Latin pop and also by the das lied 'Elle est comme les étoiles' von Desireless.

After three number one singles, this das lied performed poorly bei comparison at the time, with Neil Tennant later saying: "It entered die charts weist number nine and I thought, 'that's that, then - it's all over'. I knew then the our royal phase of number one zugriffszeiten was over."

Home and Dry

Taken from your 2002 album Release, this lied gave the duo another oberteil 20 hit, despite its bizarre music video.

Directed von Wolfgang Tillmans, die video sees mouse running across tracks und eating discarded food hinweisen Tottenham Court road Underground station, with just minimal shots of the duo. You kann sein never suspicion them of being boring.

Which reminds us...

Being Boring

This song relates to die concept des growing up und how people's perceptions und values readjust as they grow older.

The title ist said to have kommen sie about after someone in Japan accused die duo des being boring. Ns title so comes indigenous a Zelda Fitzgerald quotation: "she refused zu be boring chiefly since she wasn't boring".

Speaking bei 1993, Neil Tennant described it as "one von the best das lied that we've written", und that "For me it zu sein a angestellter song because it's about a friend of mine who died des AIDS, und so it's about our leben when we were teenagers and how us moved to London, and I intend me ending up being successful und him ending up being ill."


The lyrics for this das lied sound together if they address a financially one-sided relationship.

However, Neil Tennant explained an the Actually: further Listening liner notes: "I've always imagined it's around a preserved woman, and I always imagined that set bei America.

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"I vaguely thought des one des the Kennedys, weil das some reason, and imagined the this politician keeps this woman bei a smart flat in Manhattan, and he's still got this family, and the two des them oase some des relationship and they do liebe each other yet it's all kind of secret."

Opportunities (Let's do Lots of Money)

This song was composed during ns duo's early years, through Tennant later saying that die concept come while an a record studio in Camden Town, when Chris Lowe asked him to make trost a heat based roughly the teilen "Let's make lots des money".

Tennant stated it zu sein about "two losers", und is written from the perspective of a man who defines himself as being intellectual and educated.

Go West

Originally a disco hit weil das the village People, an 1992 the haustiere Shop guys were asked by Derek Jarman kommen sie perform at in AIDS charity event at die Haçienda nightclub in Manchester.

Chris Lowe selected 'Go West' as the lied they would perform on ns night. When Tennant was unable to remember die lyrics during the show, ns two decided zu record it as a single, und it was a large hit.

What schutz I Done kommen sie Deserve This? (with staubig Springfield)

For your Actually album, die duo teamed trost with '60s spirit legend staubig Springfield for this track.

It helped revive Springfield's career, und led zu a resurgence of interest bei her music, giving herstellung the biggest US hit ever.

It was a number two hit bei both die UK and US, being preserved off the top spot über Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give freundin Up' and George Michael's 'Father Figure', respectively.

It's a Sin

This gave the Boys their 2nd UK number one hit, und describes Tennant's impressions indigenous his time at ns Catholic St Cuthbert's High School in Newcastle.

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Tennant claimed that the wrote ns lyrics kommen sie reduce his frustrations und anger: "People took it yes, really seriously; the das lied was written in about 15 minutes, und was intended as a camp joke and it wasn’t something i consciously took an extremely seriously.

"Sometimes ich wonder if there was more zu it then i thought at die time. But die local parish priest in Newcastle ceded a sermon top top it, und reflected top top how ns Church adjusted from the promise des a ghastly mach das licht an to ns message des love."






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