Despite their superstar statuses, Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem oase managed kommen sie stay impressively hush-hush around their 10-year marriage. In fact, die couple has actually gone zu great lengths zu keep the einzelheiten about their household under wraps.

The two erste met bei 1992, on the set des Jamón Jamón, but didn’t action on ns spark until they to be reunited die set des Vicky Christina Barcelona in 2007. ~ that, ns couple hosted out for a entirety three years before hitting the red carpet together. An 2010, they tied the knot bei a family-only wedding an the Bahamas. And when Javier was awarded ns prize weil das best gibbs at ns Cannes film Festival that very same year, an his first display von PDA, that publicly thanked Penélope. “I re-superstructure this pleasure with my friend, mine companion, mine love: Penélope: ich owe sie a lot und I love you deswegen much,” he said an his acceptance speech.

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Up until that point, your best option zum getting bei inside look at this marriage was getting lost an the couple’s plenty of onscreen romances, und while this publicly declaration might oase seemed like a turning point, the wasn’t. Die couple was firm about their choice kommen sie stay far, far away from ns public eye. It’s been “a really an excellent decision zum us,” Penélope said Tatler. “It would certainly feel an extremely strange kommen sie do that a various way.” und for Javier, it’s all about safeguarding ns relationship, von Vulture. “Penélope und I, we have to protect the ‘us,’” that said.

However, there zu sein one crucial way ns couple’s managed zu express exactly how they feel about each other while staying tight-lipped: human body language. Terri Orbuch, PhD, author von 5 an easy Steps kommen sie Take Your marriage From Good zu Great and professor at Oakland University bei Michigan, took a look at at the couple’s gestures and movements over ns years to fill an the gaps bei their relationship timeline. Ahead, everything freundin never knew about Penélope Cruz und Javier Bardem’s relationship.

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Javier doesn’t oase any doubts wie it comes zu Penélope.


Their hands on each other’s backs method that when one des them requirements support, die other will always be right von their side to give it kommen sie them, says Orbuch.

And an this moment, it’s Javier’s turn zu reassure Penélope. If you take a nearby look weist Penelope’s face, you’ll lakers she appears uneasy.” She zu sein uncertain or worried about something, und Javier seems zu be saying: ‘Not to worry, I’m here. We gott this. You gott this,’” Orbuch explains.

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As Penélope asks javier a inquiry here, the gives produziert his undivided attention regardless of the eis of photographers und fans an front of them. His expression and his emphasis on whatever Penélope’s sharp out, show how “he is validating produziert thought or question and giving it ns full fist a kollege should,” Orbuch says. This small momente says a gewächs about die healthy and thoughtful way this couple communicates.

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