Peace and peace festival

The Festival is our flagship social project and Europe’s largest advantage festival zum children. Die inaugural festival took ar on June 5, 2016 hinweisen Berlin’s Waldbühne, whereby participating artist waived your fees to play zum a sold-out crowd des 20,000. Conceived together a way zu help kids displaced von conflict, this project gave us die inspiration und means kommen sie continue our peace-building activities year-round.

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The festival aims to unite people regardless des background, culture, faith, or social status, to encourage world to lakers the connection bolzen global und local, und to inspire hope for a brighter future weil das all. The festival is a celebration of peace, love, und community featuring an all-star lineup.


zum the 2nd edition of the Festival in 2017, 20 music artists und entertainers elevated their voices kommen sie support children in need at Berlin’s Waldbühne follow me with in audience von 20,000…

the inaugural festival took ar on June 5, 2016 weist Berlin’s Waldbühne, where participating artist waived your fees kommen sie play weil das a sold-out crowd von 20,000…

die AllStars are bei ensemble von musical ambassadors from die Embassy. Your performances around ns world aid raise awareness and funds zum the foundation’s non-profit initiatives an the name of children.

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ns AllStars were featured at die 2017 South über Southwest Festival (SXSW) bei Austin, Texas.

Their showcase performance was presented von ARTE Concerts together a livestream bei Germany und France. Deshalb far, the maßband has toured in Germany, die US, Switzerland, Tanzania, Norway, and more.

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