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Related LinksStellar Toolkit zum Outlook - repair damaged PST files, convert OST kommen sie PST, Merge/split PST files, and more...Stellar Toolkit for exchange - Extract mailboxes from corruption EDB or BKF (Exchange backup file), securely transform EDB to PST, transform OST kommen sie PST, and more... NK2Edit - Edit, merge und fix ns AutoComplete files (.NK2) des Microsoft Outlook.DescriptionPstPassword ist a klein utility for fenster that recover shed password of Outlook .PST (Personal Folders) file.
System RequirementsThis utility kann recover die PST passwords of Outlook 97, Outlook 2000, Outlook XP, Outlook 2003, and Outlook 2007.You don"t schutz to install MS-Outlook in order to use this utility. Freundin only need ns original PST paper that freundin locked v a password.Versions HistoryVersion 1.20:Fixed to automatically detect ns correct location des PST files on Outlook 2013/2016 ( C:UsersDocumentsOutlook papers ).Version 1.17:Removed the command-line options that auswärtigen the passwords kommen sie a document from the official version. A version von this tool with complete command-line support möchte be post on separated web page. Version 1.16:Added "Copy first Password" möglichkeit (Ctrl+P).Version 1.15:Added "Add Header Line kommen sie CSV/Tab-Delimited File" option. When this option zu sein turned on, the column names room addedas the erste line wie you geige to csv or tab-delimited file.You can now send the pst passwords list to stdout über specifying an empty filename ("") in the command-line des all conserve parameters. For example: PstPassword.exe /stab "" >> c: emppasswords.txtVersion 1.12:Added /pstfiles command-line option.Version 1.11:Fixed bug: die dates displayed in system locale format, instead des user locale.Version 1.10:Added documentation kommen sie save command-line options.Added new command-line option: /pstpathAdded option to save as comma-delimited (.csv) text file. Resolved bug: The taste window lost ns focus when the user switched zu another application and then returned back to PstPassword.Version 1.02 - die configuration ist now saved kommen sie a file instead des the Registry.Version 1.01 - new option: Get more Passwords - screens 100 additional passwords zum the selected pst file. Ausführung 1.00 - zuerst release.Known ProblemsFalse alarm Problems: part Antivirus program detect PstPassword utility as infected through Trojan/Virus.Click here to read much more about false alerts in Antivirus programsPassword Encryption in PST FileThe password encryption in the PST file is very weak, and for each password-protected PST file, over there are plenty of passwords that tun können open it.

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PstPassword provides 3 various passwords for each password-protected PST file.It"s feasible that one des them will be the original password that you typed, und it"s so possible that none des these passwords möchte be identical to die original one.However, every 3 passwords provided by PstPassword will offen the PST document without problems.For an ext interesting truth about ns PST password encryption, click here. Utilizing PstPasswordPstPassword doesn"t need any passend zu process or extr dll files.In bespeak to anfang using it, just run die executable file, PstPassword.exeAfter you run PstPassword, the main window displays ns list of all PST files von the existing logged on user(Under Documents and SettingsUser NameLocal SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook).For each password-protected PST file, PstPassword administer 3 different passwords the will offen the PST file.If ns PST ist not protected über a password, die 3 password columns stay empty, and the CRC worth column ist 0x00000000.If freundin want to recover a password of PST document that doesn"t appear in the default list, you kann press F7 and select ns desired PST file, or simply drag the PST record from Explorer home window intothe hauptsächlich window of PstPassword.If native some factor PstPassword fails kommen sie read a PST file, an error message zu sein displayed under the verfehlt column, und the item is painted with pink color.Command-Line Options /stext Save the list von PST passwords into a regular text file./stab Save the list of PST passwords into a tab-delimited text file./scomma Save die list of PST passwords right into a comma-delimited text file./stabular Save the list von PST passwords right into a tabular text file./shtml Save die list von PST passwords into HTML paper (Horizontal)./sverhtml Save die list of PST passwords right into HTML file (Vertical)./sxml Save ns list of PST passwords kommen sie XML file./pstpath Specify die folder the contains ns PST files.If you don"t specify this parameter, the default Outlook path ist used./pstfiles ...Specify one or more pst files kommen sie load.
Examples:PstPassword.exe /stab "c: emppass.txt"PstPassword.exe /stab "c: emppass.txt" /pstpath "c: emppst-files"PstPassword.exe /scomma "c: emppass.txt" /pstfiles "c: emppst-filespst1.pst" "c: emppst-filespst2.pst" "c: emppst-filespst3.pst"Translating PstPassword zu Another LanguagePstPassword enables you to easily analyze all menus, dialog-boxes, and other stringsto other languages.In order to do that, follow die instructions below:Run PstPassword through /savelangfile parameter:PstPassword.exe /savelangfileA paper named PstPassword_lng.ini will be created in the folder of PstPassword utility.Open die created language file bei Notepad or in any other buchstabe editor. Analyze all menus, dialog-boxes, and string entries to ns desired language. After sie finish the translation, run PstPassword, and all analyzed strings wollen be loaded from ns language file.If you want to run PstPassword without die translation, merely rename die language file, or relocate it kommen sie another folder. LicenseThis utility zu sein released as freeware. You are allowed kommen sie freely distribute this utility durch floppy disk, CD-ROM, Internet, or an any other way, as lang as sie don"t fee anything for this. If sie distribute this utility, freundin must encompass all records inthe circulation package, there is no any modification !DisclaimerThe software ist provided "AS IS" without any type of warranty, one of two people expressed or implied,including, but not limited to, the implied warranties des merchantability und fitnessfor a specific purpose. Die author will not be liable zum any special, incidental,consequential or indirect damages due to loss of data or any kind of other reason. FeedbackIf you schutz any problem, suggestion, comment, or freundin found a bug in my utility, you kann send a message to nirsofer