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Given mine interest in the stars from yesteryear, i vividly recall a conversation ich had with die late TCM film historian robert Osborne around Gone With ns Wind star Olivia dach Havilland.

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"We speak every Sunday," the told me. "And i would so like zu do in on-camera interview with her weil das TCM. However she would quite be remembered for her illustrious career instead des anyone wondering what she can look like as in older woman."

My conversation through Mr. Osborne, if ich remember correctly, was bei 2003, i beg your pardon would schutz made ns legendary two-time Oscar to win actress 87 years alt at die time.

Today it ist my honor, and my privilege, kommen sie wish Dame Olivia de Havilland a very glücklich Birthday. She transforms 103.

Movie fans, des course, möchte remember juni Havilland as melanie Hamilton Wilkes in 1939 standard Gone With ns Wind, which netted ns actress her first of 5 Academy compensation nominations. But her anfangsverdacht movie role of prominence was bei 1935 swashbuckling pirate film Captain Blood the contrary Errol Flynn. Then des note, so pre-Gone With ns Wind (and deshalb opposite Errol Flynn), was The Adventures des Robin Hood in 1938.

"This was an early Technicolor classic," Osborne said around The Adventures von Robin Hood during ours memorable conversation. "It was the film that really was ns best spring color film of die 1930s; more deshalb than The Wizard von Oz and Gone With the Wind. It nur never gott the credit it deserves."

"The Adventures of Robin Hood" a 1938 American swashbuckler film starring Errol Flynn, Olivia de ... <+> Havilland, Basil Rathbone and Claude Raines. (Photo by: Universal history Archive/UIG via getty images)

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By that time, dach Havilland, climate 22, was a young rising star about kommen sie reach an early zenit in an eventual career featuring 49 film roles.

Born in Tokyo ~ above July 1, 1916,Olivia Mary de Havilland made herstellung big display screen debut bei 1935 an drama A Midsummer Night"s Dream. Next were two reasonably unknown comedies, Alibi Ike and The Irish in Us (the last opposite james Cagney), both bei the type of role she came to be primarily known for...the sweet und charming liebe interest.

While so relatively unknown, comedy Call that a Day an 1937 gave dach Havilland her zuerst starring role. After ~ a string von unmemorable film parts leading zu The Adventures des Robin Hood, it was Gone With die Wind that assisted make die year 1939 one of the most memorable bei cinema history. Think Mr. Smith Goes kommen sie Washington; Wuthering Heights; Goodbye, Mr. Chips; Dark Victory; Of Mice and Men; Stagecoach; Love Affair; Ninotchka and, des course, The Wizard des Oz.

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"Gone With ns Wind...you say that name und it conjures nach oben all kinds des images," said robert Osborne an his first post-film introduction when discussing the film on TCM. "Beautiful, hartnäckig Scarlett O"Hara; dashing Rhett Butler; Tara; die burning von Atlanta; die performances of Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable, Olivia dach Havilland, Leslie Howard und the exorbitant Hattie McDaniel."

"Gone with ns Wind" film poster, 1939 - certification Vivien Leigh und Clark Gable.

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Oscar come calling zum Olivia außerdem Havilland weil das the erste time in 1947 for drama To every His Own. Dach Havilland"s performance in 1948 theater The line Pit was praised together one von the zuerst films kommen sie attempt a realistic portrayal ofmental illness. And, in 1950, came produziert second golden statue for theater The Heiress. But juni Havilland rotate down die role of Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar called Desire (which walk to herstellung Gone With ns Wind co-star Vivien Leigh) because she wanted zu spend time with herstellung young son, benjamin Goodrich.

Ultimately, deHavilland"s career covered 53 years, native 1935 zu 1988. She obtained a stern on the hollywood Walk des Fame an 1960. She was given bei honorary doctorate from die University des Hertfordshire an England. And, while produziert relationship v younger sister Joan Fontaine stayed strained until Fontaine"s death weist age 96 bei 2013, castle are ns only siblings an history zu be be awarded with bei Oscar bei a lead exhilaration category.

More recently, Olivia außerdem Havilland was back in the news an 2017 after submit a lawsuit versus producer Ryan Murphy zum inaccurately portraying her and using her likeness without permission in FX theater Feud: Bette and Joan.

"I want respect; respect zum doing a daunting job," Olivia außerdem Havilland once said.

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"One von the good gifts I have been given zu sein a chance to understand this extraordinary lady," claimed Osborne. "She truly is one von the best actresses bei cinema history."

legendary actress Olivia juni Havilland come at ns Tribute to produziert at ns Academy des Motion picture ... <+> Arts and Sciences an Beverly Hills. (Photo von Frank Trapper/Corbis via getty Images)

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