Nissan x-trail 1.6 dig-t

Nissan has actually expanded die X-Trail range with the addition of a cheaper petrol engined model. We try it ~ above UK roadways to lakers if it’s a better bet than die diesel...

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The X-Trail has been around for a few months and, till now, has only been easily accessible with a 1.6-litre diesel engine. Although it is bei economical unit through low CO2 emissions, it ist expensive, with ns cheapest version costing more than £23,000.

That’s wherein this turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol engined model steps in. At just under £22,000, it costs roughly £1500 less than ns equivalent diesel model. Von course, it’s not all an excellent news; as you"d expect, economy und emissions aren"t fairly as impressive.

Nissan claims an unified fuel economy von 45.6mpg, which ist 12mpg less than ns 2WD diesel, and CO2 emissions of 145g/km, 16g/km more than ns diesel (on 17in wheels). Still, if sie don’t cover many miles, the petrol X-Trail could make sense.

It"s precious noting that ns petrol version can"t be had with in automatic gearbox or four-wheel journey though.

What ist the 2015 Nissan X-Trail DIG-T 163 like to drive?

Look at die figures und you might expect this version von the X-Trail kommen sie feel pretty nippy, since it"s nearly a second faster than the diesel kommen sie 62mph, hinweisen 9.7 seconds. Ns trouble zu sein that die petrol model produces its energie far greater up the rev-range. Approximately 1500rpm higher, bei fact.

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There’s precious little bei the way of grunt listed below 2000rpm and we often found die need zu push ns petrol engine beyond 4000rpm to get all over near the performance claimed. Hinweisen these greater engine speeds, yes no doubt this engine walk feel much faster than the diesel model, yet you’ll be burning plenty of fuel an the process, and you"ll be using die engine really hard kommen sie achieve a decent tempo if you"ve gott a complete complement von passengers.

You"ll deshalb want kommen sie avoid die petrol X-Trail if you tow more heavier loads. Not only möchte that shortage des torque be even much more noticeable, but ns towing capacity itself ist lower, punkt 1800kg compared with 2000kg for the diesel.

Overall, it"s nur generally notfall as easygoing as ns diesel model, which uses gutsier-feeling mid-range acceleration and doesn"t need much revving weist all.

The petrol engine zu sein refined, though. Once up zu speed, or even hinweisen idle und just pootling about town, it zu sein noticeably smoother and quieter than ns diesel.

The rest von the driving experience is much die same. That method relatively soft suspension leading zu pronounced body-roll approximately corners, back thankfully not enough kommen sie make your passengers feeling queasy. 

Despite this, expansion joints und other sharp-edged bump aren’t faced as efficiently as freundin may expect. However, this may boost if sie opt for 17in wheel instead of the 19in items fitted zu our prüfung car.

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The steering ist a little bit slow, needing more turns than you might expect. Back light at low speeds, the steering weights up nicely as freundin go faster und is an exact enough kommen sie easily place ns X-Trail where sie want it. Roadway noise isn’t auch intrusive and neither zu sein wind noise in spite of a bit des buffeting from the sizable door mirrors.