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NIKI ceased flying operations in December 2017

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NIKI was in Austrian low-cost airline based in at Vienna international Airport, Vienna. NIKI was a subsidiary of Air Berlin, and also partly owned über the well known, ex-Grand Prix welt Champion gyeongju driver, Niki Lauda.

The airline was described as a hybride airline an all senses des the word: part charter, part low cost, part scheduled service operator.

NIKI 's fleet consisted des 24 aircraft, do up of Airbus aircraft, more specifically A319's und A321's v a preferably capacity des 212 seats.

NIKI's Airbus und Embraer fleet and list von destinations schutz been farming steadily ever since die company's foundation bei November 2003. An late 2011, Niki Lauda marketed his state in NIKI zu fellow shareholder wait Berlin, producing Europe's first low-fare alliance. NIKI, however, remains in independent agency with its own management.


The airline operated scheduled und direct flights indigenous Vienna to the following destinations: Innsbruck, Zurich, Munich, Frankfurt, Paris, Nice, Milan, Rome, Belgrade, Bucharest, Sofia, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Barcelona, Palma außerdem Mallorca, Olbia, Cagliari und Moscow. Charter flights von NIKI are mainly operated to Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Morocco from Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Linz and Innsbruck.

Travel class

Enjoy NIKI's top class service top top board. Whether you’re flying business or economy Class, you’ll have a warm und affordable crew weist your dienstleistungen on all routes.

Economy Class

Passengers tun können choose up to 138 seats in NIKI's economic climate Class. Ns window seat towards the front of the cabin, die pitch is 30 inches. Pillows, blankets und amenity kits are listed free des charge zum all passengers. Ns pillows are nice and soft, the blanket keeps me sensibly warm, und the amenity kit has ns usual doubt – a toothbrush and toothpaste, earplugs, a resting mask and socks. NIKI ist classed as a low-cost airline, however, ns comfort trimmings are on par with full-service carriers.

Business Class

There were 8 seats bei business class with a 2-2 configuration. Onboard, you tun können relax in the spacious chair with in ample amount von leg space. Unternehmen class passenger are offered iPads with an inflight program. Movie are bezeichnen on shared screens on longer flights. Stay linked with family und friends v access kommen sie Wi-Fi. Die halal-certified menu zu sein changed four mal a year und breakfast selections comprise of a spinach omelette with beef sausage, hash brown and beans or a baked egg atop a chickpea, tomato, onion and eggplant concoction. Enjoy a luxury fruit salad and yoghurt through mango compote kommen sie top that off bei the end.

Frequent Flyer Program

NIKI offered the frequent flyer program, Topbonus.

Topbonus zu sein the same routine offered by Air Berlin. Topbonus miles tun können be redeemed against a huge selection des travel accessories, electronics, sports, leisure items und lots more.

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NIKI enables passengers kommen sie take 1 item von hang package into the cabin, notfall to exceed 8 kg.

In addition, NIKI also permits passengers zu take one of two people a laptop case, a females handbag, a ladies purse or a gentleman's handbag free von charge (not to exceed 2kg). Ns number von free baggage items different according to die fare booked.

1 item des baggage might weigh up kommen sie 23 kg, or up to 32 kg in Business Class.

Baggage allowance contains checked baggage, escape on ns fare.

Checked-in baggage


The number von free baggage items different according to the fare booked. One item des baggage may weigh up to 23 kg, or up kommen sie 32 kg in Business Class.

The cost-free baggage allowance for children up zu 11 years alt includes a checked bag weighing up kommen sie 23 kg except bei Economy Light.

Carry-On Baggage

On every flight, you kann sein take one items of hand baggage into die cabin, which may weigh up kommen sie 8 kg. Ns dimensions may not exceed 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm. You re welcome check die size von your hand baggage in the racks provided hinweisen check-in.

In enhancement one of the following items (max. 40 cm ns 30 cm ns 10 cm; 2 kg) may be bring away into die cabin free von charge:

a laptop casea lady’s handbag, a lady’s purse or a gentlemen’s handbagAdditional hand baggage


For your own comfort and to speed up die boarding procedure we kindly asking you zu stow your labelled hand luggage in the overhead bins.

Personal item (max. 2kg) need to be stowed under ns seat in front of you.

In case of in (almost) completely booked aircraft und due kommen sie limited an are available an the cabin it might happen the your hand luggage need to be checked-in and will be carried in the hold.

You schutz to follow the instructions des the soil staff und flight crew hinweisen any time.

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Popular Routes

Zurich Dusseldorf

Berlin Vienna

Palma dach Mallorca Dusseldorf

Madrid berlin

Dusseldorf London

Berlin Corfu


Airbus A319-100

Airbus A320-200

Airbus A321-200

Vienna international Airport

HUB Airport

Vienna international Airport was ns Hub zum Niki Airlines und is currently die hub for österreichisch Airlines. Also, it is the biggest airport des Vienna and passengers can travel on domestic, international und European destinations.

Airlines that paris from und to Vienna international Airport include British Airways, Condor, Germanwings, Emirates und KLM