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original title Momo Year 1986 running time 101 min. Nation
Germany - west Germany (FRG) manager
Radost Bokel, mario Adorf, armin Mueller-Stahl, Leopoldo Trieste, Ninetto Davoli, Bruno Stori, Elide Melli, Francesco außerdem Rosa, sylvester Groth, john Huston
Producer Co-production Germany - west Germany (FRG)-Italy; Genre Fantasy. Adventure Movie teams Michael aus Adaptations Synopsis This film, based on a book written by Michael aus (the German writer who deshalb wrote "The Neverending Story") bring away place in a fictional, nameless town. The routine, slow-paced life von the townspeople ist interrupted with die arrival of Momo, a look at orphaned girl without a past who conveniently becomes a favorite von all of her neighbors. Amongst Momo"s inexplainable presents is produziert power des observation, through which she quickly notices that something drastic ist happening in the town. All des a sudden, the formerly kind, geduldig townspeople end up being obsessed with saving time und money and no longer schutz time for their friends, specifically Momo. Momo soon finds out that those responsible zum this are the "Grauen Herren", or die gray men, a group of ghost-like gentlemen who alienate Momo und her friends und are in which method stealing your saved-up time and using it kommen sie continue their very own existence. After Momo tries kommen sie convince her friends des the existence of the gray men, she must flee from die town prior to she ist abducted von the gray men. Momo find protection an the mysterious residence of meister Hora, bei old man who describes what precisely time is and confides in her the he is bei control von time. After she realizes what a gift, as opposed kommen sie a chore, time is, Momo rushes home and attempts kommen sie gather what friends she has actually left together und convince them von the angry that die gray guys are bringing kommen sie their quiet town. Movie Soulmates" ratings

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