Mercedes b klasse test 2016

People carrier aren"t an extremely fashionable. On the other hand Mercedes, more than most, have to be able to make a decent fist des their template. It"s all about roomy, comfy, passenger-first travel.

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So here"s another generation des B-Class. The zuerst two schutz quietly done decent unternehmen – 1.5 million von the things schutz been sold due to the fact that 2005. It"s nur that no-one seems to have noticed, which claims a lot.

People salary high prices zum their B-Classes and want high-end equipment. Deshalb it kann sein be had with any type of amount des the fancy cabin and driver-assist technology that it s okay headlines in the sisters A-Class.

Although it"s roomy, the B-Class isn"t an extremely versatile. The rear seat is just a basic bench through a split-fold backrest.

Off-trend despite they can be, minivans don"t schutz to resemble an egg. Instead die B-Class has ns silhouette of bei upwardly extended hatchback, v a identify bonnet und slim sharp headlights. It"s smooth too, v a Cd des 0.24 bei some versions.

It deshalb comes as in AMG-line trim, v gulping air intakes (and some fake ones), prominent airflow management und big multi-spoked wheels. Granny Mutton meet miss Lamb.

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The B200d and B220d oase Mercedes"s excellent OM654 2.0-litre diesel, and this ist the first time we"ve tried it in a transverse installation, though it"s comes on-stream bei the A-Class at the same time. The comes as standard v a brand-new eight-speed twin-clutch transmission.

Other engines, an the B180d (1.5-litre diesel) und B180/B200 (1.33-litre petrol) we know from ns A-Class, wherein they room a bit des a drudge zu drive. Commendably clean though. They obtain a seven-speed twin-clutch. Die suspension und platform space A-Class too.

It"s really just a tall hatch. If sie need that, walk ahead. But it"s notfall very versatile; not a true MPV.

Beyond that, all ns usual small mercedes characteristics apply. Performance is very minimal until sie climb quite some means up die range des engines, und the handling zu sein dull.

But it"s safe, comfortable and feels favor a high quality item. Und you pay zum that. A appropriate Mercedes.

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