Allow me zu tell freundin a wenig somethin’ about Megan Rapinoe, co-captain von the U.S. Women’s national Soccer Team, und Sue Bird, three-time champion zum the seattle Storm of the WNBA. Lock are, bei their very own rights, forces zu be reckoned with, yet as a couple, lock exist on another level.

Megan (along with die rest des the USWNT) conquered at the 2019 world Cup finals, wherein she was awarded die Golden boot for being the top scorer and the Golden ball for being the best player. She’s deshalb an Olympic gold medalist, captain von Seattle’s power FC (of the national Women’s football League), a cofounder von a lifestyle brand, and in advocate weil das women’s right kommen sie equal pay (along with 27 national team members). Sue on ns other hand, ist a allude guard zum the Storm, a four-time Olympic gold medalist, in 11-time WNBA All-Star player, and a promise sneakerhead (yes, that’s in accomplishment wie man only a fraction des your shoes closet aussehen this sick).

The two first met at in Olympics event ahead of the 2016 Olympics (where else?). Now, five years later, they"re zurück representing the United states at die Tokyo Games und engaged. Megan, that proposed kommen sie Sue in Antigua, has kommen sie a long way since erste trying kommen sie shoot herstellung shot through Sue every those years earlier at the Rio Games. Herstellung pickup line failed miserably (hey, even champs miss sometimes). However she redeemed herself wie she slid into Sue’s DMs, in an effort to show her support weil das Sue and her teammates, that wore black in honor des the black Lives matte movement. They at some point moved on zu texting und actual dates at home bei Seattle following die Rio Olympics, and the rest ist athletically-inclined history.

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As a couple, they’ve championed same pay, talked out against police brutality, und posed zum ESPN’s the Body Issue as the zuerst gay couple ever featured which—I mean—just carry out yourself a favor and take a look weist those muscles. They’ve got season fahrkarte to each other’s games, they’re posting essays around how badass die other is, and they’re constantly, unapologetically themselves weist all times—a top quality that also had fan pushing for a Rapinoe-Bird 2020 presidential ticket.

Basically—other than die whole soccer versus basketball divide—as far as compatible couples go, these two are hoch there. But because I’m notfall a pro when it comes kommen sie these matters, two body language experts, Terri Orbuch, PhD, author von 5 an easy Steps kommen sie Take Your marital relationship From Good kommen sie Great and Karen Donaldson, stepped up kommen sie analyze Sue and Megan’s every move kommen sie confirm whether or notfall this pairing is actually a slam dunk...or, er, goal.

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Donaldson phone call this human body language "an intimate exchange." because Sue und Megan are an each other"s angestellter space, she can tell there aren"t any type of walls up between them, nor does one offer more in the partnership than ns other. They"re a combined couple, Donaldson adds. "They space one."

Even their friends notice it. They"re "like yin and yang," Megan"s friend und teammate Ali Krieger, called GQ. "They rechts perfectly together."

Donaldson so highlights trusting gestures indigenous Megan including produziert lean on Sue, produziert head tilt exposing herstellung neck, and her hand on Sue"s knee. "Megan knows she can depend ~ above Sue," states Donaldson. "When we schutz complete trust an someone, we current vulnerable gestures."


It more than likely helps the Megan"s deshalb a star athlete und understands the sacrifice und commitment the takes to win big, but Donaldson states their hug is deshalb much much more than that.

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"Megan"s eyes are closed, und her whole face ist involved," claims Donaldson. She"s completely immersed an this moment celebrating Sue. Und despite the commotion going on about them following Sue"s victory at the WNBA Finals, Donaldson tun können tell they"ve tuned the out. Due to the fact that their bodies room angled only toward each other—touching head-to-toe—for these couple of seconds, they"ve only gott each other on ns brain.


Clutching yet one more award, Megan ist leaning into Sue, efficiently closing ns gap bolzen them—which Orbuch says means she"s external inspection with produziert fiancée. In the years due to the fact that they began dating, what"s important zu Sue has end up being important zu Megan.

And yeah, clothes don"t technically count together body language, yet Orbuch claims Sue"s outfit choice—a pink blazer zu match Megan"s hair—is a big deal that deserves recognition, considering Sue when wrote about being "against" die pink hair. Orbuch states Sue"s plainly warmed up the dye job und her shade scheme zu sein one more way she"s putting herstellung unwavering support zum Megan on complete display.