One prefer no other: The Individual Lion Premium cabinExpressive design and impressive comfortPrestigious object

the lion there is no compromise: The einer TGX separation, personal, instance Lion s Stunning exterior designComfortable interiorHigh Perforuvcdeals.comce

The TGX zu sein now available an the exclusive look von our kollege clubs bei the soccer League. Acquire the TGX in the look des your favourite club now.

Du schaust: Lkw bilder man tgx

Secure up to € 33,000 De-Minimis federal government subsidies now with our vehicles and our standard offers weil das actual Parts and retrofit solutions. Bei addition, ns Federal Government ist funding ProfiDrive® training units and further education measures.

The new TGX ist “International Truck des the Year 2021”! die lion-strong as whole package of the new TGX convinced the jury of 24 journalists. Die new einer TGX scored specifically high marks zum driving comfort, working/living quality, safety, fuel efficiency, connectivity, fix up services und operating and display concept.
Configure your truck and select perfect equipment weil das your deployment objective with respect to engine power, axles, cab und much more.
Country-specific access may vary.

The vehicles and products shown on this webseite may differ in terms des shape, design, colour and scope von supply. Some des the images may incorporate special equipment, accessories und decorative elements which are subject to an additional charge. Ns technical features and equipment von the vehicles defined are just examples and may differ, in particular top top a country-specific basis. Products and services shown may notfall be available bei all countries. Us reserve the right kommen sie make changes punkt any time.

The air-conditioning systems in our vehicles save on computer fluorinated greenhouse gases (R134a / GWP 1,430 through up to 1.15 kg equivalent zu 1.6445 ns CO2). Bei TGE auto classes N1, M1, N2 and M2, refrigerant of the kind R1234yf zu sein used. Die GWP value von the refrigerant used zu sein 4 (refrigerant kind R1234yf). Bei case von one refrigerant compressor, filling quantities vary bolzen 540 and 570 grams. In case of two refrigerant compressors they vary between 785 and 815 grams.

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With the einer eTGE, refrigerant R134a is used. Ns GWP value of the refrigerant used ist 1.430 (refrigerant type R134a). Ns fill levels depend on ns refrigerant compressor und vary bolzen 560 und 590 grams.

Additional information to einer TGE

Our TGE vehicles room equipped with summer tyres together standard. Please check the national regulations concerning any uvcdeals.comdatory winter tyres. Her partner will be glücklich to advise you.

The mentioned fuel consumption und emission säule has been established according to the measurement actions specified von law. As from 1st september 2017, some neu vehicles are already being type-approved follow to the Worldwide Harmonized irradiate Vehicles prüfen Procedure (WLTP), a much more realistic prüfung procedure weil das measuring fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Because 1st september 2018, WLTP has also replaced the new European Driving bike (NEDC) for light advertisement vehicles. An cases where die fuel consumption und emission values space specified as worth ranges, these do notfall refer kommen sie a certain individual vehicle and do not constitute part von the sales offering. Lock are solely used for comparison purposes betwee the different auto types.

Additional equipment and accessories (add-on parts, different tyre formats, etc.) might change relevant vehicle parameters, such together weight, rojo resistance und aerodynamics. In conjunction through weather und traffic conditions und driving style, lock may so affect fuel and power consumption, CO2 emissions und the perforuvcdeals.comce figures zum the vehicle.

Efficiency classes rate vehicles zum passenger fahrzeug with an M1 passenger auto registration according to die CO2 emissions under consideration des the vehicle dead weight. Vehicles i m sorry conform to ns average room classified as D. Vehicles which are above die current mean are classified together A+, A, b or C. Vehicles i m sorry are listed below average space classified together E, ns or G.

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Additional information regarding the official fuel consumption and the official details CO2 emissions of neu vehicles weil das passenger fahrzeug with bei M1 passenger auto registration can be found bei the “Guide on ns fuel economy, CO2 emissions, und power consumptions of all new passenger auto models”. This guideline is available free of charge punkt all sales points and from ns DAT deutsch Automobil Treuhand GmbH, Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1, 73760 Ostfildern-Scharnhausen, Geruvcdeals.comy ( ).