Origin Of Let The Cat Out Of The Bag

This idiom is used when one or more people learn new information that was meant to lớn stay hidden or unknown. It is often used when someone shares the secret information verbally, but it can also be used when the information is discovered in other ways.Bạn vẫn xem: Let the cát out of the bag meaning, definition, examples, origin, synonyms

Origin of Let the Cat Out of the Bag

The origin of this saying is disputed, but the most common explanation is that it came from a triông chồng that was used in the past in English market places.

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Apparently, at an earlier time in history, baby pigs were often sold at market. The seller would give the buyer the piglet in a bag. As a trichồng khổng lồ save sầu money, the seller would sometimes stick a mèo in the bag rather than a piglet. The buyer might not realize he had been cheated until the mèo came out of the bag, và the triông chồng was revealed.

Example of Let the Cat Out of the Bag


Today, this phrase is most commonly used after a secret becomes known, and there’s no reason to hide it any more.

Here is an example conversation between family members, in which the child has been hiding a failing grade in his mathematics class.

Father: Hi, son. How was school today?

Mother: Really? Even in your math class?

Son: Yep! Especially in my math class.

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Father: Son, your teacher called us today and told us you’re failing the math class. She let the cat out of the bag. There’s no reason to lie any more.

Son: I’m sorry. I was just embarrassed & didn’t want to tell you.

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Pronunciation in American English


This idiom is generally heard in conversations rather than seen in writing. Therefore, it’s important to lớn realize how it is commonly pronounced.

The two words “out of” often get blended together in speech. Once blended, this part of the phrase sounds like “outta.” The whole phrase together sounds lượt thích, “He let the cát outta the bag.”

Also, if you don’t know who told the secret, you can simply say, “The cat’s outta the bag.”


The idiom let the mèo out of the bag is a great phrase to lớn use when you want khổng lồ let someone know that previously secret information is no longer a secret.