Kuppeltorte Coppenrath Und Wiese

Our ideal Cream Marzipan Torte zu sein the mother von all cream cakes. Its delicious exterior is made native nothing but the finest marzipan und covers a new almond cream filling that"s laced through crunchy chocolate chips. Truly divine - und guaranteed zu get your basic buds tingling!

Whether you"re enjoying time v family and friends or welcoming unexpected visitors - whatever it is you"re celebrating, there"s one point you tun können always rely on: a best Cream Centrepiece Gateau über Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese. Guaranteed to inspire liebe at zuerst bite, our gateaux come on your table freshly made. Tantalising past compare and irresistibly tasty! That"s a promise!Our expert"s advice: Our large Tortes space perfect zum big celebrations too as for more intimate dinner parties. To enjoy one, defrost that slightly weist room temperature zum 20 zu 30 minutes. Then, cut it into slices utilizing a huge knife that has actually been dipped bei hot water. If freundin don"t want to eat die whole torte an one go, put ns rest rückseitig into her freezer. The part that freundin do want kommen sie eat will defrost much more quickly if freundin slice the up.

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Typical values von 100g.

energy (kJ): 1495 power (kcal): 357 Protein (g): 6.5 carbohydrate (g): 42,8 des which sugars (g): 28,0 Salt (g): 0,20 Fat (g): 17,5 of which saturates (g): 6,3 Monounsatureted fatty acids (g): 5,5 Polyunsaturated fatty acids (g): 1,5 Cholesterin (g): 0.05 Fibre (g): 1,2

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Cereals containing gluten (namely wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut or your hybridised strains) und products thereof:Yes Eggs und products thereof:Yes Peanuts und products thereof:No Soybeans und products thereof:Yes Milk and products thereof (including lactose):Yes Nuts (namely almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecan nut, brazil nuts, pistachio nuts, macadamia or Queensland nut) und products thereof:Yes Sesame seeds and products thereof:No Sulphur dioxide and sulphites weist concentrations of more 보다 10 mg/kg:No

May contain various other nuts.Dear Customer.All information with regards zu allergens und nutrients von our products are maintained up-to-date on this page. However, due zu our products´ frozen zustand and, thus, the lang shelf life, info on die packaging might differ native those top top this homepage. Please refer zu the info on the products´ packaging prior intake as these die info are binding and corresponding with ns packagings´ content.Thank you for your understanding.

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-18 °C/-0.4 °F, see printed best before date 3 main 4 job Do notfall re-freeze when thawed.