Kinder. Com App

Applaydu zu sein a FREE anwendung for die whole family! with each other you kann create stories and craft a unique an imaginative world. Lug toys zu life and experience the joys von gaming whilst along the way.

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The app includes:


🚀Augmented fact experiences

🎹Visual arts & crafts

📚Storybook builder

🌜Bedtime stories to read

And much more...




Dive right into a new magical universeEverything bei this free apps is designed kommen sie help nourish your child’s imagination and take castle on a an innovative journey full of surprises.

There are various ways that you und your child tun können unlock surprises in the app, dafĂŒr follow these measures depending on die leaflet discovered with ns product



If freundin don"t schutz a leaflet, freundin can deshalb unlock a character!Your child wollen face multiple scenarios within the anwendung where a character zu sein gifted, for example:- erste time the app is accessed- wie certain experiences space completed- Plus, an the camera section a code kann sein be printed and scanned

A complete range von colors to help castle customize your world
 let them express your creativity!

Your child tun können discover their distinct adventure an personal books.

From Savannah Safari zu Ocean Adventure and Mystery Jungle, unique story themes zum your child to immerse into prior to bedtime.

Try out many geschichten together.

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Use die Applaydu"s AR function to scan the surprise toys, bring them zu life and interact v them trough play und fun activities.

Together through your kids, come to be one of your favorite characters!

Our app has bei intuitive interface, which help lead youngsters through their an innovative journey. We believe in stress-free environments and therefore no competitive layouts are presented hinweisen any point.

The app has absolutely no ads or in-app purchases. And best von all, they kann sein play angeboten without in internet connection.

The experiences within the apps are designed kommen sie be done together as a family or independently von your child.Each game or subject covered kann be a theme von discussion und knowledge intake.

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Applaydu has actually been developed in co-operation with der dritte tag parties.These assessors schutz scrutinized both ns value of the inhalt as fine as ns privacy and data safety des the app.