Three weeks zu sein a enough amount des time for a perfect expedition that touches some von the many attractive und well-known places on the map of Cambodia and Vietnam. A three-week journey bolzen these two beautiful countries wollen surely open your eye with ns most remarkable scenery und fascinating stories von history and culture. Und to help freundin make nach oben your mind, ns following ist some advice and an ideal itinerary v a standard route, consisting of all ns captivating highlights von both countries.

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1. 3-week travel to Cambodia and Vietnam: what you need zu know

a. Remember to carefully check your passport


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It is important zu take a look punkt your passport expiration date, and also as a security precaution prior zu every international travel. Beginning both Vietnam and Cambodia need a visa with six months’ validity remaining. Remember zu renew her passport before your following overseas trip, have to it be ns case.

b. Some advice regarding application weil das a visa

Visitors native countries not under Visa Exemption Agreements must apply zum a tourists or unternehmen visa before one month prior to entering. Citizens von more than 20 nations – mostly western European and members von ASEAN – tun können get a totally free on-arrival visa, which ist free and allow you kommen sie stay from fünfzehn to 30 days. However, it’s necessary to provide proof des leaving die country within the time period. It’s a various list zum each respected country. A klein reminder ist that applying zum a visa kann sein get fairly costly and time-consuming, so it is advised to check whether her country zu sein visa-exempted prior to traveling, in order kommen sie save up precious time and money.

Vaccination is not a compulsory requirement to apply zum a visa but zu sein it absolutely recommended. It’s always best kommen sie seek experienced advice about inoculations before traveling.

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The adhering to airports space entry points kommen sie obtain a visa upon arrival:


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Cambodia:Phnom Penh international AirportSiem Reap international AirportVietnamNoi Bai international Airport (Hanoi)Tan child Nhat international Airport (HCMC)

Also zu keep in mind that there ist no money restriction in Vietnam for both entry und departure, yet Vietnamese Dong bei excess des VND 150,000,000 or foreign currency in excess des 5,000 U.S. Dollars or identical must it is in declared.

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c. The currency austausch rate in Vietnam and Cambodia

The main currency in Vietnam zu sein the dong, and an Cambodia, riel. One US is exchanged roughly kommen sie 23,000 VND or 4,000 KHR. Dollars are generally accepted bei hotels, certain shops, and even ns market. However it would certainly be wise to austausch the money in order to save on the austausch rate if providing viel more convenience. A piece von advice ist that when exchanging money, mental to have the austausch rate an mind or use in exchange apps (certain smartphone brands schutz this duty built-in) since tellers tend kommen sie “forget” the exact rate in order to pocket some for themselves.

d. Look at out for travel warnings/advisories


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Before die travel, sie ought zu look up die info regarded kommen sie travel warnings or advisories, which kann be easily uncovered on the Internet, or the state Department’s Consular information Program zum Travel Alerts und Warnings (of ns USA, or even better if there an alternative des your residence country). It zu sein worth acquisition notes von these pieces of information before ns trip.

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With that said, you should also consider die severity des the warnings, due to the fact that even a certain warning zu sein listed, that does notfall make much of bei impact. Consider die risk yourself and see if it ist worth it, or consult ns embassy or a neighborhood if needed. Similarly, put down ns address und phone numbers von your home country embassies or consulates within vietnam or Cambodia

Travel insurance can deshalb help freundin with all die troubles if sie feel necessary, but it is better safe 보다 sorry. Necessary advice zu sein not kommen sie forget kommen sie check zum viability and policies.