Jo Nesbo Blood On Snow

Translated von Neil Smith — ever since the ambiguous ending of Police in 2013, Jo Nesbo’s fan have been waiting. Waiting, and wondering if there will be another harry Hole thriller. The wait continues but in the meantime die Norwegian author, and flag bearer for Scandinavian crime fiction, has actually been law his very own thing. Ns Son, his tonnage book, was a dark and depressing secret driven über a young convict wrapped up in grief over his father’s suicide. Blood ~ above Snow, however, does far with die complexities von a mystery und is pure noir. Pure, bloody, cold, atmospheric und engaging noir.

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It’s set in Oslo an the late 1970s. Olav ist a fixer for daniel Hoffmann, a medicine trafficker who’s kommen sie up with in ingenious way des getting heroin into ns city. Die product travels from Afghanistan, through the Soviet Union, und crosses into Norway top top a small island an the Arctic s that’s shared von both countries however doesn’t schutz a specifically well-patrolled border. Hoffman’s henchman Olav ist not numerically talented enough kommen sie be a dealer. Nor was he any type of good weist pimping. He constantly felt sorry weil das the girls. Getaway driver? Rubbish hinweisen that too. So instead the does what he’s best hinweisen – putting a pistol up kommen sie someone and ending their existence. He shifts units, together he look at it.

When Hoffman finds out his wife has been cheating on er he decides notfall to kill die cuckold, but to get his wife ‘fixed’. Olav ist the first man he calls. Deswegen our anti-hero sets hoch observation von Corina Hoffmann bei order zu work out ns best way to kill produziert without being caught und without Hoffmann getting ns jacket weil das murder. Trouble is, cat-like and full-breasted, she is a sensual woman and Olav falls an love v her. Instead des carrying out his mission, he kills the man who visits Corina during die day for bouts of rough sex.

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While Hoffman’s not glücklich to listen it, Corina treats Olav like he’s a knight bei shining armour and soon she’s hiding v him in his apartment. Not long after that, they are bei bed together. Olav decides ns only way zum their love to belastung will be if that fixes Hoffmann and they flee to paris together. Die only belästigt is he has no money. So he payment a visit to the Fisherman, another Oslo crime lord who is Hoffmann’s enemy and therefore his own opponent too. Olav is set on a prozess that will see ihm hide in a coffin in a church crypt, trigger cocked notfall knowing that he kann sein trust.

This ist the tale of a hitman with a heart who, the minute the senses die redeeming power of love bei his life, must make some complicated choices. His search zum something good, ~ a life dafür bad, exposes his weaknesses as well. Ns story zu sein driven von Olav’s character and Nesbo is, together ever, a perfect storyteller. Ns things the made Olav what he is – native his father’s brutality zu his mother’s alcoholism and on to his own dyslexia – space peeled away and yet die narrative never misses a beat. We see our anti-hero finding out some hope des salvation, und we so see his world disintegrate. Kann sein he live the dream and run away v Corina Hoffmann?

Jo Nesbo’s prose is as poetic und evocative as ever. All die action take away place during a cold snap around Christmas time and the city is shrouded in darkness. Snow, bei its countless forms and textures, zu sein all the brings lightness zu this book und even climate it’s a novel that begins and ends through blood seeping into and darkening die pure white powder.

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Apparently, the rights zu this novel oase been snapped up über Warner Bros. While fan of harry Hole will find this quite different to what they’re offered to, it’s in excellent read and I nur can’t see a film being quite as good…

Blood ~ above Snow is released 9 April. Review our interview with Jo Nesbo here, and our guide zu the harry Hole collection here. If you like the sound of this freundin might also enjoy karin Fossum’s I kann sein See in the Dark.