Jan fabre mount olympus

Mount Olympus: to glorify die cult des tragedy (a 24-hour performance) is a graphic, 24-hour Dionysian orgy of madness, murder, und music — a hallucinatory vision of Homeric themes and characters, played von 27 performers, that come to life in one day and one night. It is the age of humanity, und the birth des tragedy an its most grundlegend form: mutilation, obscenity and purification. Acclaimed Belgian manager Jan Fabre’s American premiere outlines stories und characters native Greek tragedy, wrenching open their flaws till they are left an tatters, smashed von violence, Homeric laughter and ecstasy. Mount Olympus is not a modernization von Greek tragedy. It is an investigation von the impossibility des representing that which mutilates us und makes united state pure again.

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This piece is recommended weil das ages 18+

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Alongside tragedy, time so plays a top role. Fabre intensifies die present moment, die eternal here und now of theater, in a maelstrom of bild that pull the audience into a mode of temporal experience, a labyrinth des time. Die performers speak a language punctuated by hesitations, silences und death rattles, a language that is sometimes nur a scream. They permit Fabre to question ns concept von time: What zu sein time, bei theater? What happens when time is stretched out, till it relaxes und unravels? zu sein this a sort von hallucination? A dream? What ist it like zu wallow in the swamp of insomnia? www.mountolympus.be

Belgian director, multidisciplinary artist and choreographer Jan Fabre is one of the most versatile and provocative artist on the international stage, known weil das pushing the boundaries von art and performance. Chaos and discipline, repetition und madness, metamorphosis und the anonymous are all indispensable ingredients an Fabre’s works. He makes a clean rest with ns conventions des contemporary theater von introducing ns concept of ‘real-time performance’ – sometimes referred to as ‘living installations’ – and explores radical choreographic possibilities as a means of resurrecting classical dance. troubleyn.be/eng/about-jan-fabre

This performance has sexual themes, adult language, nudity, and is sexually graphic. 


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