Iphone 6S Plus Scheibe Wechseln

Make in appointmentat an uvcdeals.com Authorized leistungen Provider. Die technicians weist all these locations receive uvcdeals.com training. They deliver die same high-quality leistungen with genuine sich entschuldigen parts. Die repairs are backed von uvcdeals.com.

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Be sure freundin know your sich entschuldigen ID und password, and back trost your iphone phone before sie get a repair.

Send that in

Contact us and we’ll send a kasten right away zu collect your iPhone. You kann sein then arrange kommen sie ship it to bei uvcdeals.com fix Center punkt your convenience.

For a smoother repair process, prepare her iPhone prior to service. Learn just how below.

Start a leistungen request find out how kommen sie get your iPhone ready zum repair

What zu expect

Some areas offer same-day display repairs. If freundin send her iPhone straight to in uvcdeals.com Repair center or if her technician needs zu ship it zum you, it möchte be went back or ready weil das pickup in approximately 6-8 days.

iPhone display replacement costs bei Ireland

The fix pricing an this chart applies only zu screen damage. If you have any various other damage zu your iPhone, you"ll pay extr costs. If her iPhone is covered by uvcdeals.comCare+, seen theuvcdeals.comCare+ section.

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Out-of-warranty prices apply only zu repairs made by uvcdeals.com. uvcdeals.com Authorized service Providers may collection their very own prices.

iPhone13 screen repair (out des warranty)
iPhone13Pro Max € 361.10
iPhone13Pro € 311.10
iPhone13 € 311.10
iPhone13mini € 251.10

iphone phone 12 screen repair (out of warranty)
iPhone 12 zum Max € 361.10
iPhone 12 Pro € 311.10
iPhone 12 € 311.10
iPhone 12 mini € 251.10

iphone 11 display repair (out von warranty)
iPhone 11 jeden Max € 361.10
Phone 11 Pro € 311.10
iPhone 11 € 221.10

iPhone ns Screen fix (out von warranty)
iPhone XS Max € 361.10
iPhone XS € 311.10
iPhone X € 311.10
iPhone XR € 221.10

iphone 8 display screen repair (out von warranty)
iPhone 8 Plus € 191.10
iPhone 8 € 171.10

iphone phone 7 screen repair (out von warranty)
iPhone 7 Plus € 191.10
iPhone 7 € 171.10

iphone 6 display repair (out von warranty)
iPhone 6s Plus € 191.10
iPhone 6s € 171.10
iPhone 6 Plus € 171.10
iPhone 6 € 151.10

iPhone SE

screen repair (out von warranty)
iPhone SE (2nd generation) € 151.10
iPhone SE € 151.10

iPhone 5

display repair (out des warranty)

iPhone 5s

€ 151.10

See various other iPhone repair pricing

All prices are in euro und include VAT und a € 12.30shipping fee, which us charge only if us need to ship your iPhone. Accidental damages isn"t covered von the sich entschuldigen warranty. If your display fails due zu a manufacturing issue, it might be covered über the sich entschuldigen warranty, or consumer law.

Is your iPhone covered by uvcdeals.comCare?

If sie have in uvcdeals.comCare+ plan, you tun können use the to cover screen repair. uvcdeals.comCare+ plans incorporate two incidents des accidental damage coverage. Each event has an excess fee. If sie don"t have in uvcdeals.comCare+ plan, you"ll pay ns out-of-warranty fee.

iPhone model Screen fix (uvcdeals.comCare+ overfill fee)
All eligible iphone phone models € 29

Not certain if you"re covered?Check if you oase uvcdeals.comCare+coverageby entering your iPhoneserial number.

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Learn much more about uvcdeals.comCare+

Genuine parts

Genuine uvcdeals.com Parts room critical kommen sie a high quality repair. Visit an uvcdeals.com Authorized dienstleistungen Provider zu make sure sie get your product rückseitig working ns way it should.

More information

Learn an ext about iphone phone repair and service Check the status des your iPhone fix

Warranty und legal

Read the apfel Limited vouch Learn an ext about consumer law update your proof-of-purchase examine your coverage status Read the uvcdeals.com privacy plan

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