Huawei mate 20 x datenblatt

It seems that huawei is umherfliegende out part space in another smartphone niche: die top von the range giants! During ns presentation von Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro, richard Yu, founder of the company, announced a smartphone monster with which the wants kommen sie fill his pockets with money. This is the girlfriend 20 X, the largest flagship smartphone currently obtainable on the market.

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For many, yet not zum all

The huawei Mate 20 X is only available in selected markets weist a perform price des 899 euros. In Europe it zu sein only possible zu buy it in Germany or Spain and, zum the moment, it ist not expected kommen sie arrive an theUK or ns US. It zu sein clearly a price that areas it immediately an the high end of die market, i m sorry does not surprise us due to the fact that it zu sein a smartphone with a technical charme sheet that requirements respect.

Although it has actually a bigger screen und a bigger battery, the pro variant costs 100 euros more, justifying die extra charge with ns presence des some added hardware features (albeit minimal ones).

It"s big, but you get used to it

This ist not the erste time that huawei has decided to make a smartphone the size of a tablet. Remember theMate 10 Pro? That maker had a 6-inch display, but without die current super-optimized frames, that size was almost comparable zu that of two smartphone put together. By limiting ns edges of the screen, the huawei Mate 20 X tun können now reach a screen size von 7.2 inches. But don"t worry, this phone has enough power and capacity zu justify the size.


The size des the friend 20 ns could be a deterrent,especially weil das those with small hands. Sie may oase not just problems taking care of it, but so in reaching the fingerprint scanner, which requires considerable stretching to reach. The only way zu find out if sie are suitable zum this smartphone is to hold it an your hand for at the very least a entirety day. At zuerst glance, anyone would turn it down!

If you can overcome this zuerst obstacle, the Mate 20 X ist still in elegant smartphone made von aluminum and glass. Die well-rounded edge follow die same format as its 2 younger brothers and allow them notfall to slip easily from her hands in spite of its weight des 232 grams.


Unlike die other 2 models, this one zu sein available in only two colors; Phantom Silver and Midnight Blue. The stereo speakers oase been placed at the top und bottom von the phone, which zu sein great for watching multimedia content, yet it is uncomfortable while playing due to the fact that they are covered von the hands keeping it an a schnorse position.

The rear des the friend 20 X deshalb follows the style von Huawei"s new line. Notfall only does that look good, however it also has a helpful purpose, which zu sein that it does notfall retain fingerprints as much as its competitors.


On the left side des your smartphone, you will find die cart that kann hold 2 Nano sim cards, while die volume rocker and the on/off button are on ns right side. The latter climate has ns classic red reflective surface that operation along the top edge des the button. Ns USB Type-C port, speaker und microphone are situated at ns bottom, while ns second speaker, die 3.5 mm audio jack, a 2nd microphone and in IR module at ns top.

Screen space that never ever seems zu end

The front des the huawei Mate 20 X zu sein surrounded über a large 7.2-inch OLED displaywith HDR modern technology that offers enormous space to view your collection on Netflix or play your favorite games. Ns maximum resolution supported is Full HD+ (2244 x 1080 pixels) and the display reaches 87.83% screen-to-body ratio, making it larger und more resolute than Nintendo Switch, zu cite ns example proposed über Huawei an the presentation.

In the middle, in the top part, there zu sein the same dewdrop notch that"s on die other 2 models, yet this time ns size of the display is so big that ns notch tun können invade just a very klein portion. I certainly appreciated the size of this display zum the means it zu sein able to display more information under any type of circumstances, indigenous incoming mail to web browsing and so on.


Of course, forget that you can use such a huge display with one hand, i beg your pardon will notfall make her life basic during jeden tag use. I have rarely succeeded an this venture, yet inevitably you möchte almost always oase to usage a second hand to assistance it.

The representation des the colors ist wonderful und I was notfall disappointed through this OLED. Ns Mate 20 ns takes advantage des the Vivid colors option von default, i m sorry filters out yellows in white backgrounds and amplifies the color spectrum, making app icons, backgrounds, und more glow v deeper blues and greens and brighter reds. However, freundin can deshalb use ns Normal mode, which zu sein not together bright. In my opinion, von adding yellow to the white backgrounds, the colors flatten out.

Of course, both modes enable you to manually adjust color temperature or use hot or cold filters.

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Software the convinces

Like ns other 2 models in the new Mate family, the larger one also runs ns latest version of the EMUI based on android 9 Pie.The new huawei interface zu sein much faster und easier kommen sie use dueto the fact that all die settings have been contained in much more simplified menus than in the past.


The Chinese firm has deshalb adapted to ns choices of its competitors, introducing into die software a whole series des security features, consisting of a password manager and a block for opening apps or your files, accessible von fingerprint or challenge recognition.


The friend 20 x has all ns features currently seen on ns other two smaller models, including huawei Easy Projection, which enables you zu connect your smartphone to an external display (either von cable or wirelessly) and turn the smartphone experience right into a desktop one.

All the power you"ll ever before need

Under the hood, mate 20 ns hides significant power, thanks zu the neu Kirin 980 chipset from huawei combined through 6GB von RAM und 128GB des internal storage. This configuration allows the device to perform any task without ever hesitating. Navigating through the various user interface menus and apps opened bei the background, this smartphone almost never disappoints, always offering a fluid experience.

Huawei has deshalb taken steps kommen sie further enhance die gaming suffer with that is SuperCool cooling system, which features graphene technology that, according to the manufacturer, offers up to 20 times better cooling than standard copper. You kann sein see die results und I oase to speak that, during lang gaming sessions, the huawei Mate 20 x never gets too hot.


In addition, heat management additional helps maintain battery life, as well as making die phone more comfortable kommen sie hold zum long periods von time. Huawei offers users die ability to take gaming to die next level, making the Mate 20 x compatible v a particular additional gamepad, easily accessible separately. Die accessory adds a joystick and some knoten that möchte improve die gameplay and the overall gaming experience.

Huawei friend 20 X: to compare with die competition

Geekbench CPU single coreGeekbench Multicore CPUs3D unterschrift Sling Shot das 3.13D mark Sling shooting Vulkan3D Mark eis Storm Unlimited es 2.0PassMark storage (RAM)PassMark disk (Storage)
Huawei friend 20 X3328979835854180373303067267361
Google Pixel 3 XL235083334079333335526754069870
OnePlus 6T2396898147023861647531236475065
Razer phone call 22352795340012955633251206070565
Galaxy notes 93753899833512857415331004071197
Note: zum a much better comparison we have decided zu perform all experiment without using ns Performance mode

For all the detailed info on how the Mate 20 x behaves on die performance side, ich refer you to the dedicated article in which us performed all des our belang tests:

A triple camera the does not disappoint

Unlike ns smaller von the three models, the Mate20 ns has die same camera configuration together theMate 20 Pro, which was developedonce again an collaboration with Leica. Ns three different sensors combine zu offer three various focal lengths and are composed of:

Focal size 83 mm, 8MP, aperture f/2.4, OISFocal size 27 mm, 40MP, aperture f/1.8Focal length 16 mm, 20MP, aperture f/2.2

The wide-angle sensor supplies significantly far better shooting remedies than the classic lens. Overall, the quality von the image convinces without even having to think around it and offers ns same kind of experience currently seen on ns Mate 20 Pro. Here too, it zu sein possible to take outstanding macros, being able zu point ns lens up to 2.5 centimeter from the object.


Like numerous other smartphone on die market, just the hauptsächlich lens is optically stabilized, which kann sein be annoying especially wie man taking pictures using die optical zoom. All bei all, you kann always acquire sharp, comprehensive photos and the transition bolzen the assorted focal lengths ist done an extremely quickly über a swipe von the finger on die display an the camera app.

The front camera ist equipped v a 24MP sensor v f/2.2 aperture. Finally, zu get bei idea of how this camera behaves in its concreteness, us invite you zu visit die gallery of photos taken von my colleague Steffen and his detailed post on ns performance of the three photographic sensors.

Gallery ofphotos taken v the huawei Mate 20 Pro

Enough space weil das loads von juice

The extra space of the mate 20 ns allowed huawei to insert a 5,000mAh battery, viel larger 보다 its smaller brothers, the Mate 20 (4,000mAh) und the girlfriend 20 pro (4,200mAh).


This ist really comfortable weil das longer weekends und can belastung two job regardless des how you use your smartphone. Setting the automatic brightness and taking advantage des a few hours von play, merged with mine usual common use (fiveGmail accounts, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and internet browsing via Chrome) ich had no belästigt to overcome ns weekend, beginning from Saturday morning through 100% und arriving ~ above Sunday in the late afternoon v 15% charge left.

Despite the huge capacity des 5,000mAh, charging takes place very quickly and, in about bei hour and 30 minutes, ns battery will reach 100%. Not bad at all!

Dimensions:Weight:Battery size:Screen size:Display technology:Screen:Front camera:Rear camera:Flashlight:Android version:User interface:RAM:Internal storage:Chipset:Number of cores:Max. Clock speed:Connectivity:
174.6 x 85.4 x 8.2 mm
232 g
5000 mAh
7.2 in
2244 ns 1080 pixels (346 ppi)
8 megapixels
40 megapixels
9 - Pie
Emotion UI
6 GB
128 GB
HiSilicon Kirin 980
2.6 GHz
HSPA, LTE, NFC, Dual-SIM , Bluetooth 5.0

The huawei Mate 20 X is a an excellent smartphone zum those who spend so much time bei front des the smartphone to beat or see multimedia content, perhaps throughout their travels by plane or train. With the huge amount of screen easily accessible you kann sein enjoy the best of any type of inhalt and, an my opinion, once freundin get used to its size zu sein a good compromise bolzen smartphone und tablet.

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It definitely remains a niche product that will notfall gain ns same attention as the Mate 20 and the girlfriend 20 Pro, these are definitely much more mainstream. But for those looking weil das a huge battery, a huge display und top performance, there is no other smartphone that kann challenge ns Mate 20 X.