Herr Von Bödefeld Sesamstraße

“Der, die, das / wer, wie, was / wieso, weshalb, warum? deren nicht fragt, bleibt dumm.” (This, this and that / who, how, what / why, why und why? Those who don’t ask continue to be dumb.)The German version of Sesamstraße (Sesame Street) was broadcast through this title song zum the zuerst time on januar 8, 1973. However, the program was created an the USA von the Children’s tv Workshop, a nonprofit organization. Punkt that time, a team des psychologists, educationalists, advertisers, doctors and television editors had actually examined what especially fascinates children about television. The result: Animals, dolls, cartoons, slapstick comedy, speed, jokes and prominent individualities as mediators von knowledge. Sesame Street was developed ~ above the basis of these findings. Ns primarily target teams were children from die underprivileged classes des society, who were intended to be cultivated as preschoolers.

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The introduction von the put in order series was controversial in Germany. Bei the early years, NDR und the other der dritte tag programs transfer synchronized versions of the American initial series. Americanisms were renounced und individual German contributions were placed into die series more und more typically – on die subject of the alphabet, zum example.A new era von Sesamstraße began in 1978, when a neu street was created v residential buildings and a market stand as scenery zum the lift story. Puppets occurred especially for the German market, like Samson and Tiffy, acted together with well-known actors, such as Liselotte Pulver, henning Venske or horst Janson. Ns concept und the characters von Sesamstraße schutz changed repeatedly since then. ~ a four-year break, Studio hamburg produced a neu season des the series in 2012, where die lively Elmo is now its hauptsächlich focus.

The taste characters of Sesamstraße, Ernie und Bert, die Krümelmonster (Cookie Monster), Oskar (Oscar die Grouch) und other Muppets, to be invented and realized by the American puppeteer and director Jim Henson (1936–1990) und his collaborators. Die Museum für film und fernsehen presents seven des the initial puppets an the area dedicated to the permanent exhibition (3rd top level): Krümelmonster, Tiffy, Rumpel, Feli Filu, anything Muppet und the picture puppets Ernie and Bert, as well as an over life-sized Samson.In addition, a selection of highly imaginative costumes that prominente German actors oase worn throughout their guest appearances ~ above Sesamstraße are exhibited on the 3rd top level.In the Program collection (4th upper level) visitors kann sein watch a selection of 22 films dating from the belastung 40 years, and also documentaries about Sesamstraße.

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A presentation in cooperation with die Norddeutscher Übertragen (NDR).

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First episode of Sesame Street v Ernie und Bert, Gordon (Matt Robinson), Betty Lou (Muppet), Roosevelt Franklin (Muppet), Susan Robinson (Loretta Long), 1969Source: ndr Archiv

Before ns television series Sesamstraße was broadcasted together a preschool regime on German television, as a test program, ndr (in april 1971) and WDR (in might 1971) confirmed five von the initial versions of Sesame Street realized von the Children’s television Workshop (CTW). The 60-minute episodes were just accompanied von a quick German explanatory comment and at the end viewers were prompted zu inform die stations what lock thought of the neu American format.In order to adapt die series’ contents zu German conditions, additional individual pieces were filmed in Germany and inserted into ns American episodes. The predominant contents von the collection - around 70% - come from die USA. However, this was reduced more und more over the years. Ns TV programs oase included only one or 2 sketches von the contemporary production agency Sesame Workshop since 2007. Unlike die original episodes, ns German execution were only 30 minutes lang from die beginning.In enhancement to the five illustration that consisted of the prüfen program, the film selection gift here includes twelve episodes des the German Sesamstraße from the past four decades, from 1973 zu now. 4 documentaries on the subject contain interviews through psychologists, puppet makers, designers und editors, as well as thought-provoking info about die work von the puppeteers. Visitors can also watch a existing piece that shows Ernie & Bert’s guest appearance on Krömer – late Night Show.