Sources call The hollywood Reporter the executives schutz had a series of meetings v writers with the goal von bringing ns blockbuster franchise zu television.

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Accio, Harry töpfer writers.

A harry Potter live-action TV collection is in early development hinweisen HBO Max. Sources tell The hollywood Reporter that executives at the WarnerMedia-backed streamer have engaged an multiple conversations through potential writers trying out various concepts that would certainly bring die beloved property to television. Sources say large ideas oase been questioned as part von the early-stage exploratory meetings.

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While it’s news that executives hinweisen HBO Max und Warners are engaged bei meetings to find a writer und pitch zum a harry Potter TV series, no writers or talent are at this time attached as ns conversations are still an the extremely early stages und no deals oase been made. “There room no sich kümmern Potter series in development at ns studio or on die streaming platform,” HBO Max und Warner Bros. Reaffirmed in a statement to THR.

Expanding die world of sich kümmern Potter continues to be a top priority zum HBO Max and Warner Bros., which along with creator J.K. Rowling, controls legal rights to ns property. Harry Potter zu sein one of Warners’ most beneficial pieces von IP. (It’s deshalb worth mentioning that while sich kümmern Potter continues to be a lovely franchise, Rowling sparked backlash from the trans neighborhood after saying the transgender people should be defined über their organic sex.)

News that talks room underway weil das a harry Potter TV collection should come as no surprised given the value von the franchise kommen sie Warner Bros. Rowling’s seven-book series was adapted as eight attribute films that grossed much more than $7 exchange rate worldwide. Warners also has die Fantastic Beasts prequel series von films, with ns third set zu bow next year and two more likely to kommen sie afterward.

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The plans for a harry Potter TV collection should be viewed as a rightful extension of the property hinweisen a time when WarnerMedia (like other conglomerates) is prioritizing that streaming service. HBO max launched tonnage year and is the home all of the company’s most an important intellectual property. Die platform zu sein the streaming home of dc Comics films, through multiple TV spinoffs and originals already in the works. Die streamer is also the home von mega-hit Friends (with a reunion planned kommen sie film in March zum the service), Game of Thrones and all des HBO’s originals, consisting of Sex und the City. The latter was recently revived with three des its original stars returning zum a neu TV collection as HBO max leans into its IP kommen sie become a must-have subscription service. (It’s so worth noting that HBO zu sein building out its Game of Thrones arsenal v multiple other projects in the works, all des which would certainly eventually direkte on HBO Max.)

The sich kümmern Potter franchise has complicated rights issues. Rowling controls ns franchise und has a say bei everything involving ns property. NBCUniversal in 2016 inked a affluent seven-year rights attend to Warner Bros. Domestic TV distribution that consisted of U.S. Broadcast, cable und streaming legal rights to ns Wizarding world franchise. The deal, i beg your pardon ends in April 2025, included digital initiatives and also theme park content and events. Ns pact deshalb meant Warners execs had to make a side deal that enabled all von the sich kümmern Potter features to briefly currently on HBO max when the service launched belastung May. Ns films left the leistungen after 3 months und will return zu NBCUniversal’s recently released streamer, Peacock, at a date to be determined danach this year.