Google Chrome Update Automatisch

Chrome zu sein the most an effective browser used von 65% von the world worldwide. Earlier, google forced some attributes on Chrome choose no option to eliminate bookmarks bar and not possible kommen sie remove die favicons on the neu tab page. Later, google introduced added options weil das disabling bookmarks bar und remove ns favicons with ausführung 69. However, automatic upgrade is ausblüten one annoying feature forced top top users. In this article, we möchte explain how zu disable automatically Chrome update bei Windows and Mac computers.

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How automobil Update Works in Chrome?

Google Chrome provides a regimen for wagen updating miscellaneous similar zu this open source program dubbed Omaha. Automatic update runs and checks zum the latest ausführung whenever sie connect to internet with 5 hours frequency. The automobil update deshalb runs whenever you go to some von the settings page. Weil das example, go to the command URL “chrome://settings/help” and you will see the automobil update start immediately.

Change google Update application Name in Windows 10
Now go zu Chrome und check the URL “chrome://settings/help”. You should see in error bei auto update saying “An fehler occurred if checking zum updates; Update inspect failed to anfang (error code 3: 0x80080005 — system level)” or a similar error.

On Mac, you tun können go zu “Users > your Mac drive > Library > google > GoogleSoftwareUpdate” und rename this folder. Unfortunately wie you inspect the automobil update, Chrome möchte re-create this folder und run the auto update. Deshalb renaming this folder does not work on Mac.

2. Disable automatically Chrome upgrade from windows System configuration (Windows)

Type “msconfig” and click jawohl or hit “Enter” to open the system configuration panel.
On the system configuration window, select die “Services” tab. At ns bottom of the window, uncheck the boxen on the left of “Hide every Microsoft services”.Navigate ns list of services and uncheck both “Google update (gupdate)” and “Google upgrade (gupdatem)”.
Click die “Apply” und then “OK” button to save die changes.When prompted kommen sie restart die PC, click “Restart” zum the changes zu take effect.

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3. Disable Chrome update from fenster Services direktor (Windows)

Double click on “Services” to offen the service manager screen.Look weil das “Google upgrade (gupdate)” und “Google upgrade (gupdatem)” on the list.Double click on both (each hinweisen a time) and on die “General” tab under “Startup Type” choose “Disabled” möglichkeit then click ok.
Restart the PC.

Similar to google Chrome you can so disable automobil update bei Windows 10 zu avoid unexpected issues and data loss.

4. Disable automatically Chrome upgrade from Registry redaktion (Windows)

You can also stop Chrome from automatically updating by editing die registry keys.

On ns registry editor open the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” folder. You may dual click on ns folder or click on the arrow zu open.Open the “SOFTWARE” folder und scroll down kommen sie “Policies”.Right-click die “Policies” folder, select “New” then click “Key”.Rename ns newly created key zu “Google”.Right click on die “Google” folder, pick “New” then click on “Key” and rename ns key zu “Update”.On ns right hand side von the registry editor, ideal click on ns white room below the “Default” option and select “New” then choose “DWORD”.
Rename the neu key kommen sie “Updatedefault”.Double click on ns “Updatedefault” kommen sie edit die DWORD value and set the “Value data” kommen sie 0.

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Click “Ok” zu save her changes and exit ns “Registry Editor”.

If this does not work, shot creating extr DWORD keys und set die values choose below:

DWORD: AutoUpdateCheckPeriodMinutes and Value: 0DWORD: DisableAutoUpdateChecksCheckboxValue and Value: 1

5. Change Chrome automobil Update URL (Mac)

Similar zu Windows, you tun können follow part tricks kommen sie disable automatic Chrome update an macOS. Top top Mac, try zu change die Chrome automobil update URL kommen sie disable the update.

Right click or control + click on the google Chrome folder and go to “Show Packaged Content”.Click “Contents” folder und open “Info.plist” file. Remember sie need to have editors choose Xcode to open plist file. So you should oase write permission for both “Contents” folder and “Info.plist” file zu edit.
Look zum “KSUpdateURL” key. In our situation this ist pointing kommen sie “”.Simply rename die file zu something else and save your changes.

If this does not work then you may need zu disable all upgrade URLs google uses weil das Chrome.

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6. Block Chrome update URLs (Windows and Mac)

Google uses one of the listed below services zum update service. So you tun können block these domain names using hosts file on Windows und Mac zu disable automatically update an Chrome browser. However, danach if google uses various URL weil das update then ns browser möchte continue to automobil update.**com/dl/**

Learn how zu edit hosts file in Windows und Mac.

7. Modify upgrade Interval an Mac

On Mac, you tun können modify die update frequency interval zu stop auto update.

Open Finder and navigate zu “Go > Go zu Folder…” food selection item.Enter ns path “~/Library/Preferences” and hit enter key.You will lakers all gewächs of choices file und look zum “” file.
Open the file using die Xcode editor or any other XML editors favor TextWrangler. Remember, sie can’t modify plist document using TextEdit or other normal editors.The default key string for the “checkInterval” zu sein 18000. Change die key cable value zu 0.
Save your file und close.If freundin don’t oase Xcode or notfall able kommen sie edit plist paper then press “Command + Spacebar” und type “terminal”. Open Terminal app und enter ns following command.

defaults write checkInterval 0This möchte set die value in the plist paper as described above.Now that the auto update should not work on your Chrome browser.

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The automatically Chrome update is not a problem for many users however it is possible zu stop them whenever freundin need. Google does not recommend stopping of these updates, together they room critical weil das improving your looking experience and security. It is important zu understand that von disabling the Chrome updates sie could it is in vulnerable zu serious security issues and at die same time lacking on some neu helpful features. If for some reason sie want kommen sie disable die Chrome auto updates, always remember zu check for the obtainable updates manually und update them when you want. Moreover, freundin may enable ns automatic updates von reversing ns above procedures.