What guns are in Ghost Recon Breakpoint? together you"d suppose from Ghost Recon, there room a last of "em. Ghost Recon games oase always been around crafting tactical loadouts, cobbling together your ideal kit, und swapping out tools to handhaben a variety des military operations.That"s blieb true in Breakpoint.

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This invariably leads to a bumper backpack full of guns, und a lot of time spent deciding what to take right into combat. Knowing a bit around each gun and how you kann sein customize it wollen make that process easier. Here’s a list von all die Ghost Recon Breakpoint tools you"ll oase at your murderous disposal.

How Ghost Recon: Breakpoint weapon customization works

As well as a number des weapons to use, each möchte be customizable per teil via the gunsmith system in Breakpoint, which enables you to swap out muzzles, rails, under barrels, und more.

You can also paint your guns in different colors kommen sie truly make your loadout unique with die per-part aesthetic customization system bei the game. Players have two slots zum regular two-handed weapons and a sidearm slot to fill.

Assault rifles

The bread und butter von Breakpoint, attack rifles space a popular choice across every classes. But naturally, they lend themselves to the aptly-named attack class. Assault players obtain recoil reduction and gain proficiency through ARs, dafür it’s a no-brainer zu pick the end a good one with which kommen sie mow through the Wolves.

805 Bren: finest damage/handling combo in classA2: High muzzle velocity, strong power with a beleuchten of a kick416: highly versatile. The gelb standardAK-47: best penetration in class, kicks favor a muleAUG: extremely accurate, high range, slow-moving reloadG36C: many agile in class, much less damageAK12: Agile, retaining an excellent range at the cost of stopping powerMK17: High range, high damage, punishing spreadSC-20K: Best bei class zum muzzle velocity, long reloadTAVOR: Best an class weil das handling, packed shotsM4A1: Best in class ROF, demanding recoilAK74: Best in class range, very accurate, power trade-off416 Shorty | Brown: Nomad"s signature rifleMK17 attack | Wolves: assault variant: tougher recoil, higher powerVHSD2: functional carbine v high accuracy, reload und recoil trade-off553: an excellent damage und penetration, less range

Light maker guns

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

If you’re looking for some heavy weapons an Breakpoint, freundin can’t go wrong with an LMG. High power, incredible recoil und limited mobility are ns perks here. Think about spreading their use across other tank-focused classes favor Assault and Field Medic.

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CTMMG: challenging recoil, lang range und highly portableL86A1: Lightest in class, converted ASR, damages trade offMG121: High damage and kick with great mobility for its power6P41: strongest firepower in class, hard recoilMK48: High damage, high ROF, challenging spreadT95: faster reload an class, range und power trade off

Submachine guns

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Nimble und powerful, submachine firearms should be die weapon von choice weil das those who love to spray and pray. They blieb require tactical reasoning though: SMGs suit the Panther class well, the hinterhältig member of the mannschaft who boasts a cloaking ability. Crucially they can disable die reduced damage hit von suppressors ~ above handguns and submachine guns. This way you kann sein skulk in the darkness with an SMG and pick wolf off v ease.

P90: High damage and mag capacity, punishing recoil, low accuracyBullpup PDR: ASR caliber, hard hitting but harder kommen sie manageScorpion Evo3: High rate von fire und stability, muzzle velocity and range profession offMP7: highest possible mobility in class at die cost von damage und rangeVector: highest ROF in game, short recoil, damage and accuracy profession offSN-9mm: High impact and good range, short on accuracyMP5: highest firepower in class at the cost von accuracy und mobilityUMP: lowest muzzle velocity in class but packs a punch

Sniper rifles

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Breakpoint"s Sharpshooter klasse is draft specifically for snipers: it lasst uns them use bullets the blast v armour und deal high damage. And their useful klasse technique, Sharpshooters kann sein hold your breath much longer while utilizing snipers und marksman rifles.

L115A3: die middle ground bolzen larger caliber und less protecting against power. Best des both worldsM82: highest firepower in class, punishing recoilRecon-A1: Light und mobile bullpup, very agile v reload trade offHTI: extremely lethal and fairly agile, reload profession offScorpio: ideal mobility und tragedy acquisition bei class, much less powerHTI | Survival: Part von the survive Series. Extremely lethal and fairly agile, reload profession offTAC50 | Brown: Part of the Rowan Brown Series. Highest possible range bei class, less mobilityTAC50: highest possible range in class, much less mobility


(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Crunchy und unparalleled in power, shotguns are die perfect second weapon for classes that want zu deal solid close-quarters damage. Needless kommen sie say, they"re finest put kommen sie use in in Assault or ar Medic build, those that"ll want kommen sie get into ns thick von the action.

M4: Strongest in class at die cost des mobilityKSG12: largest magazine bei class at die cost of range und reload speedRUI2SG: Mag-fed semi wagen shotgun, solid every rounderSASG12: Full wagen with a kick and damage profession off


(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Handguns should be used throughout all classes and are fairly useful wie man you’ve run out des your ammo weil das your main weapon. Select wisely as to whether sie want a semi-automatic quick-firing pistol or other devastating but slow like die Desert Eagle.

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5.7 USG: High caliber pistol, good firepower and capacity at the cost of tough recoilC-SFP: Shortest range bei class, packs a punchDesert Eagle: packs a punch, high recoil. Requirements no introductionF40: High zeitschrift capacity, great all rounderM1911: High range und accuracy, slower reloadM9: High magazine capacity and damage, much less range und harder kommen sie controlP227: highest mobility an class v lesser rangeP320: fastest reload speed in class, broad sightsP45T: Hood middle ground between more damage und controlPX4: an excellent damage, harder kommen sie controlUSP Tactical: finest sight acquisition an class, short damage

Designated Marksman Rifles

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

As with sniper rifles, designated marksman rifles are ideal suited to the Sharpshooter class. Organize your breath, take aim, and breeze previous those PMC baddies.

FRF2: highest range and accuracy in class, bolt activity trade offG28: great all around, high ROF, less damage und rangeMK14: Full wagen action at the cost of lowest range und damage an classMK14 attack | Brown: Part des the Rowan Brown Series. Assault variant: tougher recoil, greater powerSVD-63: the strongest firepower in class at ns cost von rate of fire