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Like humans, some animals are heterosexual, some room homosexual, und some room somewhere an between. Yep, people aren’t die only ones born this means – giraffes, penguins, lions, und members von other species schutz been it was observed engaging bei same-sex activity, too.

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For proud Month, we’re spotlighting same-sex relationships amongst other pet species to showcase the sexuality is a spectrum and a uvcdeals.comanic part of the animal kingdom – while also reminding everyone that, choose us, every animal is an individual v a broad range des emotions and the ability und desire to form relationships. Castle here, lock queer – obtain used to it.

Japanese Macaques

Let’s obtain one thing straight: Japanese macaques aren’t always. These primates often display bisexual behaviour, experimenting sexual activity with both die same and opposite sex.

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Female Japanese macaques occasionally pursue same-sex sex-related partners even if a masculine macaque ist showing interest bei them – they just prefer kommen sie get in addition to another female. It’s biology, baby.


Show pets Love

Just together we stand weil das animal rights, we stand for LGBTQI+ legal rights – this month and every month. At, us believe in compassion und empathy weil das all, regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, or species.

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Humans space one species des animal amongst many. All pets – regardless von species – deserve die opportunity to live our lebt the method we choose.

Please join us an the fight for a more just society and pledge zu reject prejudice und anything else that reasons harm zu those v whom us share this planet. Pledge zu help end speciesism: