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FreeCell Rules

The various piles

There room three different types of piles in FreeCell Solitaire. They are:

The free Cells: ns four piles in the top left corner. The Foundations: the four piles an the upper appropriate corner. The Tableau: the eight piles the make hoch the hauptsächlich table.

The setup

die Tableau piles are numbered indigenous 1 to 8, piles 1-4 start with 7 cards each, piles 5-8 through 6 cards each. The Foundations and Free Cells space empty.

The objective

to win FreeCell, sie must gain all ns cards onto ns Foundations. Die Foundations room ordered von suit and rank, each foundation has one suit und you have to put the cards top top them an the stimulate Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen King. Kommen sie do the you tun können use die moves described below:

Allowed moves

Move one or an ext cards from one Tableau pile zu another.

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You can move the top card des a pile on die Tableau onto another Tableau pile, if that pile"s top card zu sein one greater than the moved card and bei a various color. For example, you could move a red 6 onto a schwarze farbe 7. If ns top cards on a Tableau pile room ordered, e.g. You schutz red 6, black 5, red 4 as the top cards, climate you kann sein click ns red 6 und move all des them with each other onto another Tableau heap that has a schwarz 7 as its top card. HOWEVER, there ist a limitation zu how many ordered cards you can move together. Ns number of cards you kann move together ist basically the number von empty complimentary cells und empty tableaus + 1. So, if you oase 2 free cells empty you kann move 3 cards together. If you oase all 4 totally free cells empty you kann move 5 cards. If you have 3 cost-free cells and 4 empty tableaus you can move 8 cards together. Moving countless cards together ist basically nur a convenience ns game provides. In the strictest sense freundin should always move one hinweisen a time, yet if you have 4 ordered cards und 3 totally free cells then you could trivially move the top 3 bespeak cards to ns free cells, then move die fourth card and then move die 3 cards from the free cells back onto die fourth card. So, zum convenience ns game enables you kommen sie move n+1 cards together, wherein n ist the number des free cells. If you have in empty Tableau heap then you kann sein move any type of card there. Move a einzel card onto a free Cell. You kann sein always move die top card von any Tableau Pile, complimentary Cell or structure onto a cost-free Cell if it"s empty. Free Cell"s tun können only organize a einzel card at a time. Move a map from a free Cell. You kann move a card from a cost-free Cell onto a foundation if it"s bei the very same suit and one greater than die Foundation"s top card. Or you can move a card from a free Cell onto a Tableau heap if ns card is one reduced and an a different shade than the Tableau pile"s top card. E.g. Sie could move a red 5 native a cost-free Cell top top a Tableau pile where die current oberteil card was a schwarze farbe 6. You kann move a Tableau card onto the Foundations. You tun können either drag ns cards onto die Foundation, or nur double click it and then it möchte go there von itself. When ns Free Cells space empty and all cards on die Tableau room arranged in 4 piles and each of the piles has actually been ordered in descending bespeak with alternate red/black cards then ns Tableau wollen clear itself, since at that point you are guaranteed zu win die game. You kann sein Undo together many mal as you like.

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the game offers endless undos. Every Undo counts as a new move though, so if you"re trying zu win the game an as couple of moves as possible you should be careful about how plenty of undos sie use.

Time and Moves

ns game counts the moves sie make, und measures ns time it takes kommen sie finish ns game, deswegen you can compete against your previous ideal games if sie want. Currently this data is not stored anywhere, in the future i might add some kind of high scores.

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Hi. Mine name is Einar Egilsson und I do this online verson of FreeCell. FreeCell is the second solitär game i create, before that i created Klondike (or "classic" solitaire) and I"ve deshalb made a few card games like Hearts, Spades und Whist.

If you oase any questions, comments or requests weil das other solitär games you kann sein send them zu admin
uvcdeals.com_io. If you oase any errors or problems wie playing die game please encompass which web browser you"re using when you emails me, it renders figuring out the belästigt a last easier :)

numerous thanks go to Nicu Buculei, that created ns excellent play card bildern that i use zum the game.

If sie like this game examine out my miscellaneous other games, und please share castle on Facebook/Twitter/Google+

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