Englishman bring away advantage des Ferrari meltdown in Sochi Hamilton jetzt leads teammate Valtteri Bottas von 73 points


Ferrari gott off to a good start bei Sochi, through both sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc start the first corner und the front two. Photograph: Zurab Kurtsikidze/EPA“The trust doesn’t change and we need kommen sie trust every other, Seb and myself,” that said. “Because it’s typically important zum the benefit des the team in some situations to know the you can count on the other car, and vice versa. It’s really important but die trust is still here.”

Vettel hedged on die pre-race plans. “I nothing know exactly what occurred there,” he said. “I think we had an agreement und I speak with charles before die race. I think it was quite clear. Ich don’t know. Maybe ich missed something. I’m sure we’ll talk about it.”

Binotto, however, was explicit that ns plan had actually been for Leclerc to give Vettel a slipstream kommen sie control the opening lap und said: “Ideally us would oase swapped back.” the was, perhaps diplomatically bei public, conciliatory in the direction of Vettel. “Seb was very fast bei the race,” he said. “So ich think every decision could schutz been postponed”.

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Vettel was quicker und he had actually made a superb anfang but his flat refusal zu obey team orders – together he did bei the well known Multi21 incident at Malaysia bei 2013 – will not schutz been shed on Leclerc or top top Ferrari.

Vettel was unquestionably their No1 treiber when ns season began. Ns 21-year-old Leclerc, however, has undoubtedly been ns better treiber over ns season. Vettel has actually been usurped but the complex natur of how Ferrari plan those opened corners suggests they have neither redefined a pecking order nor merely opted to let their guys race.

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With their auto looking hugely competitive, boding well zum next year, Leclerc has actually firmly staked his insurance claim as their lead while Vettel has made that clear that on occasion he still views team orders together suggestions. It zu sein not an ideal combination zum harmony and while Leclerc ist still bei his zuerst year at Ferrari and taking that well zum now, the has bezeichnen character currently that suggests he will not lie down in future. Russia has ratcheted up ns pressure on Ferrari. If victory quite than theater is their goal, managing their leading actors is vital. Max Verstappen finished an fourth place having actually started from 9th after a five-place grid penalty. His Red Bull teammate Alexander Albon go well zu claim 5th after starting in the pitlane.

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Carlos Sainz was sixth zum McLaren an front of the racing Point von Sergio Pérez, Lando Norris was in eighth zum McLaren, v Haas’s kevin Magnussen bei ninth und Nico Hülkenberg in 10th for Renault.

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