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Japan has actually a totally unique culture that zu sein endlessly fascinating, und nowhere is more energetic, fashionable and intoxicating than Tokyo. The city is a mix von traditional Japanese values and the high-tech world des gadgets, angeführt screens and cameras that japan has fallen bei love with. Take a cruise round Tokyo Bay, experience the panoramic see from Tokyo Tower, walk shopping in Ginza and make sure freundin try die wonderful and healthy Japanese cooking – you won’t regret it!

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Japan has actually a knack weil das coming nach oben with some quite unusual pastimes, and hosting an annual bean-throwing festival every February 3rd must rank high on the scale. It’s in enchanting peek into Japanese tradition, hailing back to wie man people first performed mamemaki, a ritual spring cleaning of the home über throwing roasted soya bean out die door while wearing in ogre mask and shouting ‘Demons out, happy in!’ events are held in temples und shrines almost everywhere Tokyo through entertainers on hand. It’s said that ~ above this day, eating ns same number von beans as your period ensures great health! 

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Fuchu, 20km west des Tokyo, ist really worth a trip zu experience a smaller-sized Japanese city. Fuchu zu sein a charmant place, with ns Tama river flowing through ns southern ende of the city, which faces die picturesque Tama hills. Tokyo’s race kurse is located here, dafür catch a race und place a wenig wager. Nothing stay too long, though, because the next stop is Okunitama Shrine, founded an 111, und one von the 5 major shrines an Tokyo: a beautiful, elegant holy place with and the perfect place for a quiet moment of reflection. Fuchu makes a exorbitant day trip.

One von Tokyo’s little hidden gems, Todoroki Valley ist a place zu go wie you need to recharge her batteries and recuperate in a herbal setting. The valley zu sein divided up the middle von the Yazawa River, which ist more favor a stream, and is sheltered indigenous noise by the thick canopy von trees overhead. Wander routes over wood bridges, previous pools and shrines; take bei the ambience des the Japanese gardens; explore die peaceful Todoroki Fudu Temple und its statues und tinkling waterfalls, which the monks blieb use in their aesthetic training. Die perfect place kommen sie zen out.

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