Fallout 4 At Pegi

Sure, yet how lang was die gap between that trailer and when autumn 4 erste got the PEGI 18 rating?

Hard to say because it was deshalb long ago und all die Fallout 4 pages have been updated through the ns rating since the launch.

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If I'm notfall mistaken, there ist no gap; at least from our perspective: fallout 4 trailer came an extremely soon after die game was announced. (It was not announced years prior to its release the way TESVI and Starfield oase been, so we can't meaningfully to compare their relax schedules.)

Edit: nur checked die Wikipedia page. Die trailer come with ns announcement anyway, which way that we gott the provisional rating at die same time Bethesda recognized this game's existence.

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So we oase no way des knowing when they gott that rating.

From what ich understand, die provisional rating way that an overview des the game and its general content has been sent zu PEGI.

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On your website, it’s said that the next step zu sein to in reality receive die game kommen sie try it, und then give it a last rating. I have no idea how lang devs usually wait zu complete ns next step and I’ve to be SUPER skeptical of a 2020 announcement deswegen far, however this seems zu point to Starfield being practically complete