Events In Berlin 2018

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Highlights von the culture programme in November, including exhibitions, trade fairs, concerts, festivals und more.


4 - 7 november 2021

ns Jazzfest is ns final chord bei the city's jazz calendar. Ns world renowned festival celebrates the manifold and diverse styles von jazz music v gigs in's well-established clubs. More



3 - 7 november 2021

Bazaar is a sales fair whereby manufacturers and traders from all over the world market their ethnic und natural products, crafts, art and designs. More


Theater ns Dinge - international Festival of Contemporary Puppet and Object Theatre

4 - 13 november 2021

at Theater der Dinge artists from all over Europe present a large range des theatrical projects an shows, performances and exhibitions punkt Schaubude More


Magicum, Magic Museum - unique, interactive, magical!

Gods, angels, magicians, alchemists, sorcery and illusions - ns mysterious world of the inexplicable. Make water dance, uncover magical thinking, play ns game von illusions, leaving logic punkt our doorstep, come in and delve into the world des magic and fascinating alternating realities und and and… more


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Interfilm - Short film Festival

16 - 21 november 2021

zum six days an autumn the international Short film Festival attracts cinephiles from every over the world. The festival presents around 500 films in various categories. More

Days of Jewish Culture

06 - 18 november 2021

Shalom the Days of Jewish society is an annual festival organized von the city's Jewish Community. The explores the diversity of Jewish Culture in Germany today. More

Circa – A Company in Residence

die Chameleon ist finally beginning a neu season v one von the many sought-after circus companies an the world: Circa modern-day Circus. More

Christmas Garden

19 november 2021 - 09 januar 2022

From november to january the botanical Garden in turns into a brightly coloured winter fairyland v illuminations, magic woods and light sculptures. More

Christmas in the Tierpark

17 november 2021 - 09 january 2022

Europe's biggest zoo möchte be bathed bei Christmas light v «Weihnachten innerhalb Tierpark» (Christmas bei the Tierpark). The historical Friedrichsfelde Palace zu sein at the heart von the luminous Christmas tour. More

Tip: Guided city Tour: federal government Quarter v Visit zu Reichstag und Glass Dome

sign up with us ~ above a guided tour through's federal government district to ns Reichstag building und enjoy die view from die glass dome von the old and new stadt centre. More

Christmas Markets bei

Discover ns most renowned Christmas markets und Christmas fairs in with adresses, opened hours und public fahrzeug connections. More

Christmas Events

acquire into die X-mas mood bei with ns best christmas events und festive concerts, shows, ballets, und gospel music. Tickets and more Events in December

Zeughausmesse, Christmas Markets, neu Year's eve Party and more events an in December. More

New Year's eve parties an

Prepare yourself for the biggest parties has zu offer and get tickets for the many spectacular neu Year's night 2021 celebrations. More

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Christmas Markets in

Discover die most well-known Christmas markets und Christmas fairs an with adresses, opened hours and public fahrzeug connections. More

Ticket zum public transport + totally free entry WelcomeCard all inclusive: free entry kommen sie 30 attractions + windy transport in and approximately Uncover world-famous museums and attractions! more