Esc 2017 Salvador Sobral

Salvador Sobral

Salvador Sobral’s victory an the Eurovision lied Contest gave Portugal its first trophy bei the challenge 53 years adhering to their debut. ‘Amar Pelos Dois’ was so the zuerst winner sung entirely an a language various than English since Serbia’s victory an 2007. Notfall all Eurovision fans are equally impressed with this lied though.

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In 2017, Portugal came zurück to the Eurovision lied Contest ~ one year of absence. They held die Festival da Canção to select the representative. Die final took place on the 5th von March 2017. Salvador Sobral won the vote von the jury and got a 2nd place by the televote with the das lied Amar Pelos Dois (Love weil das the Both des Us). Amar Pelos Dois is Bossa Nova, Jazz lied about a broken relationship. In his song, Salvador Sobral wishes that his lover one come back and loves ihm again.


Amar Pelos Dois was written über Luísa Sobral, Salvador’s sister. In fact, Luísa had kommen sie replace Salvador throughout the zuerst rehearsals in Kiev because des his love condition. Salvador Sobral performed in the first semi-final des the Eurovision song Contest 2017 in Kiev. The won the semi-final v 370 points. This was the first time that Portugal qualified to die final due to the fact that 2010.

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In die final, Salvador Sobral sung his das lied Amar Pelos Dois in a small stage near to the audience with die backdrop showing bei enchanted forest. Von the end of die night, the das lied had got 758 points. This provides Amar Pelos Dois not only the zuerst victory über Portugal an Eurovision. Furthermore, that is deshalb the song with the highest score (according to ns current rules) in the history of the Eurovision das lied Contest.

After he gott his trophy, Salvador Sobral asked his sister und songwriter of his winning song to come und sing with er on stage zum the reprise von his song.

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Amar Pelos Dois- opinions from fans

In order kommen sie find the end what Eurovision fans today think des this Portuguese entry indigenous 2017, we asked our Eurovision fans Panel. It includes mannschaft members too as fans from all over ns world.