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Two-Generational family members Approaches kommen sie Citizenship (PDF, 170.13 KB) - This reminder sheet prominente ways K-12 schools and adult citizenship education programs can engage die entire household through civics education.

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N-400 subject Exercises: Oath des Allegiance (PDF, 1 MB) - This educational erklären describes die key principles found in the Oath des Allegiance that applicants take at their citizens ceremonies.

A much more Perfect Union: die Civics prüfung Guide to ns Monuments und Memorials top top the national Mall (PDF, 2.66 MB) is a series of 13 interactive sources that allows applicants to learn about ns individuals and events represented von the monuments und memorials bei Washington, DC, when studying for the citizen civics test. The Civics test Guide kommen sie Constitution Gardens is the first bei the series to be released, und it prominent the citizens civics prüfen questions relating to ns principles and structures des government and the rights and responsibilities of citizens that are identified an the U.S. Constitution.

National Park leistungen Expedition collection (Video) - Developed weil das students by the national Parks Service, this fun und informative five-part video series explores the history und significance of Ellis Island.

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What zu Expect during the echt Test

The yes, really civics test zu sein NOT a multiple an option test. During ns naturalization interview, a officer will ask sie up zu 10 concerns from the list von 100 questions in English. Sie must answer properly 6 des the 10 questions zu pass the civics test.

Certain applicants, because of their age und time as a lawful permanent resident, room exempt from die English requirements zum naturalization und may take ns civics test in the language von their choice. For more information, lakers our Exceptions and Accommodations page.

Tips zum Studying


On die naturalization test, some answers may change because von elections or appointments. As freundin study for die test, make sure that you know the most existing answers to die questions. Prize these questions with the benennen of die official who is serving at the time von your eligibility interview with Die officer will notfall accept bei incorrect answer.

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The instructions und content in this exercise civics prüfen are not intended kommen sie provide legit advice or guarantee the you wollen pass ns civics prüfen during her naturalization interview. If you oase any questions, visit die Find Help in Your ar page.